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ABC No Rio [Lower East Side Art Gallery]
Abdruck [Walk, one] [Foto] [Walk, two] [Foto] [Gouache on music paper]
Absolute is Passage, The
academic onanism [akademischer Antiakademismus]
Achteinhalb [81⁄2, Federico Fellini, 1963] [Krise, Inspiration, Träume, 'enough of symbolism']
achtgliedriger Pfad [Buddhismus, Digha-Nikaya, Pali-Kanon]
act of creation, The [impossible to describe or explain]
act of painting, The [impossible to describe or explain]
Adamov, Arthur [1908-1970]
Adams, John [for] [Zeichnungen und Collagen, 2013/2014/2015]
Adams, John [Harmonium, John Donne/Negative Love]
Adorno, Theodor W. [1903-1969] [Amorbach; Frankfurt am Main; Musikalische Schriften; Minima Moralia]
Afrobeat [Fela Kuti 1938-1997; Lagos; Nigeria]
age of distraction [stimulation, attention, we are bombarded with messages and noise]
Aigues-Mortes [Languedoc-Roussillon]
Aix-en-Provence [Cours Mirabeau]
Aka, Baka, Twa, Efé [Pygmy music, complex polyphonic music]
Alberti, Leon Battista [De pictura, On Painting, 1435]
Alchemie [Transmutationen]
Alles ist Kunst [Wahrnehmung, Ästhetik, 'spirit of sauntering']
Alles kann zur Kunst werden, aber nicht alles ist Kunst [metamorphosieren]
Alexander VI, Papst [Portrait of Pope Alexander VI] [Foto]
Alexanderplatz, am [Berlin] [Foto]
Alkibiades [Platon/Sokrates] [erster und zweiter Dialog] [Selbsterkenntnis und Verantwortung für sich selbst]
Alkibiades [Michel Foucault, Hermeneutik des Subjekts. Vorlesungen am Collège de France 1981/82]
Allori, Alessandro [1535-1607]
alienation [Entfremdung, Selbstentfremdung, Hegel, Marx]
ambient sound recordings [The Beauty of Found Music, re—issue, 2015]
American Typewriter [Typeface, Joel Kaden, and Tony Stan]
Amish [Lancaster, Pennsylvania]
anarchic art is [Text piece for 2 voices] [Writings]
Anarchie [Anarchy, anarchic]
anarchische Kunst [Anarchie/Ästhetik]
anarchische Kunst [Unbestimmtheit, Indeterminacy, Determined Indeterminacy, Burroughs and Brion Gysin]
Anarchism [ORIGIN mid 17th cent.: from Greek anarkhos ‘without a chief’ (see anarchy ) + -ism; later influenced by French anarchisme.]
Anarchism [belief in the abolition of all government and the organization of society on a voluntary, cooperative basis without recourse to force or compulsion.]
Anarchism [individualist anarchism; pacifist anarchism]
Anarchism [William Godwin, Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, Michael Bakunin, Peter Kropotkin, Emma Goldman, Kotoku Shusui]
Anarcho-Primitivismus [Henry David Thoreau; Leo Tolstoy]
Anarcho-Syndikalismus [Buenaventura Durruti; Salvador Seguí; Noam Chomsky, IWW]
Anarchy, Art and [Edgar Wind]
Anarchy, Music and [John Cage]
Andersson, Bibi [Född Berit Elisabeth Andersson, 1935-2019] [Ingmar Bergman, Wild Strawberries, 1957; Persona, 1966]
animal voice samples [sonorité sans mémoire I]
Anpassung [Normierung, Kontrolle, Disziplinierung]
Anselmi, Guido [Marcello Mastroianni, Federico Fellini, 81⁄2, 1963]
Answer print [first version of a given motion picture that is printed to film]
anthropologische Kunst [Beuys]
anthropométries [Anthropométrie de l'Époque bleue, Yves Klein]
Antikunst/Kunst [life/art trouble, Bilderzyklus, 2013/2014]
Antikunst/Kunst [life/art trouble, Exhibition catalog, 2014] [pdf] · download [16 MB]
Antonioni, Michelangelo [1912-2007] [Monica Vitti; L'Eclisse, 1962]
Apollo’s crayon [Foto]
Apollo’s shoes [Foto]
Apollo’s signature [Foto]
appropriating art [Decadence or cloning of the avant-garde]
Aquinas, St. Thomas [id quod visum placet = that which, being seen, pleases]
Arbeit/Arbeitsbegriff [Kritik, Umformung, Korrektur, Metamorphose] [Metamorphosieren] [Beuys]
Arbeit/Kunst [Kapital, Wert, Zeit]
Arbeit/Work/Profession [Chinesische Schriftzeichen] [Zeichnungen und Collagen, 2013/2014/2015]
Arbitrarität [Ferdinand de Saussure, Cours de linguistique générale, 1916]
Architecture — [Habitation] Wohnen [Photographs, 2015/2016]
Argonauts [Berlin] [Foto]
Argonauts [5-disc set]
Argonauts [5-disc set, re—mastered & re—issued 2015/2017]
Aristoteles [384-322 v. Chr., Glück, Tugend, Entscheidung, Klugheit, Unbeherrschtheit, Lust, Freundschaft, Mitte, Das tätige Leben, Nikomachische Ethik]
Aristoteles [Those colours are simple which belong to the elements, fire, air, water and earth. — Aristotle, On Colours]
Arles [Provence]
Arles [Provence] [Le Café La Nuit]
Arles [Provence] [Les Arènes d'Arles, Amphitheater von Arles]
Arles [Provence] [Saint-Trophime] [Orgel, Aristide Cavaillé-Coll]
Arles [Provence] [Les Alyscamps, Necropolis, Vincent van Gogh]
Around 1913 [Sound Lecture · I · II · IIIa · IV]
Arpeggio[s] [Bach, Rameau, Glass, Adams]
Artaud, Antonin [1896-1948]
Artaud, Antonin [The Theater and Its Double, 1938]
Artaud, Antonin [J. Derrida, Sylvère Lotringer]
arte povera [...]
artificial intelligence [disruption, robotik, machine learning, learning algorithms, jobless future]
artist, There is no mystery in being an [our spirit is ultraviolet] [Writings]
artist, There is no mystery in being an [index.html]
artist [png]
Art as art [Ad Reinhardt]
Art informel [...]
art is like a dead phone [Zeichnungen und Collagen, 2013/2014/2015]
art is not just about the 'work'
art is not just about the 'work' [two]
art is not just about the 'work' [Zeichnungen und Collagen, 2013/2014/2015]
art is not art, Making
art is not what you see
art is not what you see [png]
Art, Overpopulation and [John Cage]
art, expanded conception of [erweiterter Kunstbegriff, Joseph Beuys]
art, Lecture on
Art Stream
Art Stream info
Art Without Artists [Louis Mink in: John Cage, Liberations: new essays on the humanities in revolution] [Louis Mink Duos, re—issue, 2014]
Artwork of the Future, The [Richard Wagner]
ASA NISI MASA [Federico Fellini, 81⁄2, Guido Anselmi's childhood]
ASA NISI MASA [Fellini's Rosebud]
assemblage [sound] [espace intermédiaire]
Ashley, Robert [1930-2014] [Perfect Lives, 1977-1983]
Ashley, Robert [for]
Ashva·ghosha [Buddhist monk and poet; Life of the Buddha; Buddhacharita]
Asia Contemporary Art Platform NON Berlin [TWENTYTWENTY Installation]
Äste/Branches [Zweige] [Berlin] [Photographs, 2016]
Ästhetik [Die philosophische Ästhetik, Ästhetik der Existenz]
Ästhetik des Scheiterns [Hephaistos, Samel Beckett, Thomas Bernhard, Kapitulation, Makel, Fehler und Melancholie]
Astor Place [New York City] [Alamo, The Cube, Tony Rosenthal]
asymmetry [...]
Atelier Ausstellung #1, #2, #3 [Berlin]
attentiveness [alertness, mindfulness, based on ancient Buddhist beliefs and backed up by cutting-edge neuroscience]
Audubon, John James [1785-1851] [Ornithologe und Zeichner]
Audubon, John James [National Audubon Society]
Augustinus [Saint Augustine] [Confessiones] [Foto]
Augustinus [...if time never changed, it would not be time. — Saint Augustine, Confessiones] [Book XI, page 263]
Augustinus [Soliloquia; Selbstgespräche]
Augustinus [Time can only be perceived or measured while it is passing. — Saint Augustine, Confessiones]
Augustinus [Heidegger, Wittgenstein]
Auslöschung [Thomas Bernhard]
Automatic writing [Pessoa, Desnos, Burroughs]
avant-garde, idealisation of the
Avant-garde painter [invisible] [Foto]
Avignon [Provence] [Vallée du Rhône]

Bach, Johann Sebastian [1685-1750] [Foto]
Bach, Johann Sebastian [Aus der Tiefe rufe ich, Herr, zu dir; BWV 131]
Bach, Johann Sebastian [Alles nur nach Gottes Willen; BWV 72]
Bach, Johann Sebastian [Brich dem Hungrigen dein Brot; BWV 39]
Bach, Johann Sebastian [Ich will den Kreuzstab gerne tragen; BWV 56]
Bach, Johann Sebastian [Kantaten, BWV 1-224]
Bach, Johann Sebastian [Joseph Beuys]
Bach, Johann Sebastian [Was frag ich nach der Welt; BWV 94]
Baker Street [221B] [London, Sherlock Holmes, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle]
Bakunin, Michail [1814-1896] [Anarchist]
Ball, Robert Stawell [1840-1913] [Atlas of Astronomy, 1892]
Belacqua [Dante Alighieri, Samuel Beckett, More Pricks Than Kicks, Dream of Fair to Middling Women]
Baldessari, John [...]
Baraka, Amiri [Everett LeRoi Jones, 1934-2014]
Baratta, Giovanni [1670-1747]
Barth, John [The Floating Opera] [for]
Barthelme, Donald [...]
Barthes, Roland [Methoden des Schreibens · download, 68 KB]
Bartleby [Herman Melville, Bartleby, the Scrivener: A Story of Wall-Street, 1853]
Bartók, Béla [1881-1945]
Bartók, Béla [in New York, 309 West 57th Street]
Bartók, Béla [Inspiration: String Quartet No. 5, 1934; Divertimento, 1939; The Miraculous Mandarin, 1918-24]
Bartók, Béla [Inspiration: Music for Strings, Percussion and Celesta, 1936]
Bartók, Béla [Zeichnungen und Collagen, 2013/2014/2015]
Baskerville, John [Zeichnungen]
Basket [Foto]
Bateau-Lavoir [Waschboot] [Montmartre, Paris] [Max Jacob]
Baudelaire, Charles [for]
Baum [Pfaueninsel, Berlin] [Foto] [Foto]
Bäume [Zweige, Branches/Äste] [Berlin] [Foto]
Bäume [Äste/Branches [Zweige] [Berlin] [Photographs, 2016]
Bäume [Raghu Rai, Indian photographer]
Beauty of Found Music, The [The Beauty of Found Music, re—issue, 2015]
Beauty of Unknowing, The [Henry D. Thoreau]
Beckett, Samuel [1906-1989]
Beckett [Endgame]
Beckett [imagination dead imagine; nach Beckett]
Beckett [ping, Residua, 1970] Text, part three (detail)
Beckett [Rabelais, Goncharov, Dante, Bruno, Vico, Joyce, Laurel and Hardy, Schopenhauer, Geulincx, Berkeley, Descartes]
Beckett [surveillance and spectacle]
Beckett [That Time]
Becoming a young artist takes a whole lifetime [Zeichnung]
Bedeutung [Chinesische Schriftzeichen] [Zeichnungen und Collagen, 2013/2014/2015]
Befreiung des Künstlers von sich selbst, Die [Art Stream]
Beginning [in the beginning was the image]
Beginnings [Beginnings Part I, re—issue 2015]
belt poem [Writings]
Bellum omnium contra omnes [Krieg aller gegen alle, Thomas Hobbes, Leviathan]
Bemerkungen über die Farben [Über Gewißheit, Zettel] [Ludwig Wittgenstein]
Bennington/Derrida [Foto]
Ben-Zion [1897-1987] [poet, writer, painter and sculptor]
Berg [mont, montagne] [Drawing]
Berio/Mahler [Sinfonia, 1968]
Berlin [Building, Berlin Mitte] [Foto]
Berlin [Escalator/People, Bundesplatz] [Foto]
Berlin [Experimental Artists Network]
Berlin [Görlitzer Bahnhof] [Foto]
Berlin [Kreuzberg, Schlesisches Tor, Wohnung] [Foto]
Berlin [Photographs, 2015, Berlin—New York]
Berlin [Photographs, 2012/2015, Berlin—Detroit]
Berlin [Photographs, 2015]
Berlin [Photographs, 2015/2016]
Berlin [Protest] [20. September bis 11. Oktober 2019] [Fotos]
Berlin [Lines/Knots [Linealogy] [Photographs, 2016]
Berlin [Mehringdamm, Berlin-Kreuzberg] [Foto]
Berlin [Mehringdamm, Berlin-Kreuzberg] [Foto]
Berlin [Neue Nationalgalerie, Tiergarten/Berlin Mitte] [Foto] [Foto]
Berlin [Sound of the environment montage]
Berlin [S-Bahn]
Berlin [TWENTYTWENTY Bilderzyklus]
Bernhard, Thomas [Übertreibungskünstler, Auslöschung]
Bernstein, Leonard [for]
Berry, Wendell [...]
Berry Street [160 Berry Street, Williamsburg]
Beethoven, Ludwig van [Denkmal von Rudolf u. Wolfgang Siemering; Tiergarten, Berlin] [Foto]
Beethoven, Ludwig van [Stanley Kubrick; A Clockwork Orange, 1971; Alex DeLarge]
Beethoven, Ludwig van [Philosophie der Musik; Theodor W. Adorno]
Beethoven, Ludwig van [Sonate Nr. 31 As-Dur op. 110, 1821]
Beethoven, Ludwig van [Mauricio Kagel/Joseph Beuys, Beethovens Küche, 1969]
Between ashes [2019] [Cave, Time, Cliff, Cosmos, Ship, Sound, Tree, Water] [Exterritorial Art Project]
Beuys, Joseph [1921-1986]
Beuys, Joseph [Books]
Beuys, Joseph [for] [Zeichnungen und Collagen, 2013/2014/2015]
Beuys, Joseph [Die Revolution sind wir]
Beuys, Joseph [Kunst für den Menschen]
Beuys, Joseph [Postkarte und Schnürsenkel] [Foto]
Beuys, Joseph [Sender, Utopie, Fragen]
Beuys, Joseph [Nur noch 2272 Tage bis zum Ende des Kapitalismus] [Screenshot]
Beuys ist natürlich auch ein Sprachkünstler
bewegtes Bild der unbewegten Ewigkeit [Platon, Timaios]
Bhagavad Gita [Hinduismus, Veden, Upanishaden, Brahmanismus, Yoga]
Big Bang theory [Urknalltheorie]
Big Lebowski, The [The Dude; Bowling; LA] [Ethan und Joel Coen, 1998]
Billboard [Zeichnungen und Collagen, 2013/2014/2015]
Bildnis eines Gelehrten [Portrait of a Scholar] [Foto] [Guglielmo della Porta, 1500-1577]
Bildnis Papst Alexander VI [Portrait of Pope Alexander VI] [Foto]
Bird [paper bird] [Foto]
Bird [oiseaux oiseaux, gouache on dictionary page] [Drawing]
Bird [Between ashes [Cave, Time, Cliff, Cosmos, Ship, Sound, Tree, Water] [Exterritorial Art Project]
Bird [John James Audubon, 1785-1851] [Ornithologe und Zeichner]
Birdsong [Olivier Messiaen, Oiseaux exotiques, 1955-1956]
Bitonalität [Polytonalität] [Charles Ives]
Black [Schwarz]
Black door/l'entrée [Carpentras] [Foto]
Black Mountain College [North Carolina, 1933-1956]
Black paint [Foto]
Black paint [Gouache] [TWENTYTWENTY Bilderzyklus]
Black paint [Gouache] [Drawings] — 32 x 28 cm (12.6 x 11 inches) — Bilderzyklus [2013]
Black paint [Music for Mark Rothko, re—issue 2014]
Black painting [for Partho Das] [Details]
Black [Vantablack 2.0, Surrey Nanosystems]
Bleecker Street [Manhattan]
Blurring of Art and Life, The [Allan Kaprow]
Bode-Museum [Berlin] [Foto]
Bodhi Tree [Mahabodhi Temple in Bodh Gaya, Bihar, India]
Books as mental film [William S. Burroughs]
Bongo Fury [Zappa, Beefheart, Mothers, 1975]
Borscht Belt [Catskill Mountains, upstate New York]
Botanical Vaudeville [Robert Rauschenberg]
Botanischer Garten/Botanisches Museum Berlin [Dahlem] [Foto]
Botanischer Garten/Botanisches Museum Berlin [Dahlem] [Foto]
Botanischer Garten/Botanisches Museum Berlin [Dahlem] [Foto]
Botanischer Garten/Botanisches Museum Berlin [Dahlem] [Foto]
Botticelli, Sandro [Portrait of Giuliano de' Medici, Stencil, Zeichnungen, 2013]
Bouchardon, Edmé [1698-1762]
Boulez, Pierre [1925-2016]
Bousquet, Joë [1897-1950]
Bowery [Manhattan]
Bowles, Paul [1910-1999]
Bowles, Paul [Aaron Copland, Virgil Thomson, Gertrude Stein, Brion Gysin, William S. Burroughs, Gore Vidal]
Bowles, Paul [Kunst des Reisens, Tangier, New York]
Boxes [Sculptures]
Boxes [School Days, 2010]
Bracket Fungi [Shoes and Polypores]
Braden, David [Sound Poems]
brain syrup | stream of consciousness [Text piece for 2 voices]
Branches/Äste [Zweige] [Berlin] [Foto]
Branches/Äste [Berlin] [Photographs, 2016]
Braxton, Anthony [for]
Braxton, Anthony [failure is part of how things happen]
Breaking [Brechung, Bruch]
Breton, André [Methoden des Schreibens · download, 68 KB]
Bridging the gap between art and life [Rauschenberg]
Bryant Park [Fotografien 2009, 5th Avenue, New York Public Library]
Brooklyn [Fotografien 2009, 2010, 2012]
Brooklyn [for David Smith] [Foto]
Brooklyn Bridge [East River, Manhattan/Brooklyn]
Brooks, Louise [1906-1985] [flapper icon; bob cut; Pandora's Box, 1929; Georg Wilhelm Pabst]
Brooks, Louise [John Zorn/George Lewis/Bill Frisell, News for Lulu, 1988]
Bromeliaceae [Bromeliengewächse]
Brotlose Kunst Brote [Brot/Kunst Projekt, 2015]
Brotsäcke [Zeichnungen und Collagen, 2013/2014/2015]
Browning, Robert [1812-1889] [Andrea del Sarto; The Faultless Painter; Well, less is more, Lucrezia]
Bruckner, Symphonie No. 4 Es-dur [Sound Lecture, re—issue 2014]
Bruno, Giordano [De l'infinito, universo e mondi, Über das Unendliche, das Universum und die Welten]
Brushes [analog] [Foto]
Brutalism [Architecture] [Foto]
Buchstaben, Die Welt und der ganze Kosmos liegen in den [TWENTYTWENTY Bilderzyklus]
Buchstaben, Die Welt und der ganze Kosmos liegen in den [M] [Gouache on paper] [Foto]
Buddha [Ashva·ghosha; Life of the Buddha; Buddhacharita]
Buddhism [and Anarchism; Gary Snyder]
Buddhism [Hegel]
Buddhism [Zen-Buddhism]
Buddhism [Meditation] [Staring at walls] [Beckett]
Buddhist Writings [...]
Burroughs, William S. [for]

Cabannes [Provence] [Foto]
Cabannes [Provence] [Foto]
Cabannes [jardin] [Flaschentrockner] [Duchamp] [Drawing]
Cable [wire] [Foto]
Cabrera Infante, Guillermo [for]
Cabrera Infante, Guillermo [1929-2005] [Tres Tristes Tigres, 1967]
Cabs [Zeichnungen und Collagen, 2013/2014/2015]
Café de Flore [Paris; Boulevard Saint-Germain Nr. 172] [former bohemian; the death—or reinvention—of the French intellectual]
Cage, John
Cage, John [Anarchy, anarchic]
Cage, John [Cage/Emma Goldman]
Cage, John [Cage/Immanuel Kant]
Cage, John [Cage/Ovid]
Cage, John [Cage/Arnold Schönberg]
Cage, John [Cage/Ludwig Wittgenstein]
Cage, John [OK, JC]
Cage, John [101 W 18th Street, Manhattan; Cage/Cunningham Loft] [Foto]
Cage, John [for] [The Beauty of Found Music, re—issue, 2015]
Cage, John [4'33", 1952]
Cageware · The Revolution of Life and Language Vol. 1 (1997)
Cahill, James [Early Chinese Landscape Painting]
Calder, Alexander [Têtes et Queue, 1965, Foto]
Calligrammes [Guillaume Apollinaire, 1918]
Calligraphic [Calligraphy] [TWENTYTWENTY Bilderzyklus]
Calligraphy Practice [2012/2013/2014/2015]
Calzolari, Pier Paolo [arte povera]
Canali [Mars] [Giovanni Schiaparelli] [Foto] Canali II [Mars] [Foto]
Canyons [Bryce Canyon; Olivier Messiaen, Des Canyons aux étoiles, 1971]
Canyons of the Escalante [Utah, USA]
Caputo, John D. [on Deconstruction] · mp3
Caputo, John D. [Derrida]
Captiva Island [Rauschenberg]
Car [London] [Foto]
Carnatic music [Indian classical music, emphasis on vocal music; gayaki 'singing' style; gamak ornamentation; gamakams or oscillations]
Carpentras [Département Vaucluse] [Foto] [Foto]
Carpentras [Black door/l'entrée] [Foto]
Caslon, William [Caslon Serif, 1722]
Cat [Burroughs; The Cat Inside, 1986]
Cat [Montaigne; Apology for Raimond Sebond; 'When I play with my cat...']
Cathedrals [Georges Duby, Philip Ball, Robert A. Scott, Otto Georg Von Simson]
Cave [Drawings/Gouache, 2018/2019]
Cave [Gouache on book page] [Drawing]
Cave [Silence cave] [Gouache on dictionary page] [Drawing]
Cave [five] [Gouache on dictionary page] [Drawing]
Cave [six] [Gouache on paper] [Drawing]
Cave [Between ashes [Cave, Time, Cliff, Cosmos, Ship, Sound, Tree, Water] [Exterritorial Art Project]
Cavell, Stanley [Wittgenstein, Thoreau, The Senses of Walden]
Celan, Paul
Central Park in the Dark, 1906] [New York City] [Charles Ives]
Chamberlain, Basil Hall [Things Japanese, 1890-1936]
Chant [Purification, Negotiations and Discourse] [Train Sonor, re—issue 2014]
Chaplin, Charlie [1889-1977] [Improvisation; The Kid; Modern Times]
Château Val Joanis [Pertuis, Luberon] [Foto]
Chelsea [Manhattan, Flatiron District] [Foto]
Chelsea Hotel
Chelsea Hotel Manifesto, The [Yves Klein, 1961]
China [Joseph Needham; Marcel Granet, La pensée chinoise]
Chinesische Schriftzeichen [Zeichnungen und Collagen, 2013/2014/2015]
Chitarrone [Gouache on paper, detail] [Drawing]
Chomsky, Noam [Aspects of the Theory of Syntax,1965; Language and Mind, 1968]
Chronos [der Lauf der Zeit, das Rad der Zeit, die Uhr] [Kairos, der gute Zeitpunkt] [Time]
Chronic City [Jonathan Lethem]
Cigarette stubs [for Kasimir Malewitsch] [Foto]
Citizen Kane [Orson Welles; Childhood; Rosebud; Auflösung; Tod]
City [Photographs, 2012/2015, Berlin—Detroit]
Clark, Sonny [1931-1963] [Pianist; Hard bop]
Clark, Sonny [for] [Paul Chambers, Philly Joe Jones, 1957]
Clements, E. (Ernest) [Introduction to the study of Indian music, 1913]
Clermont-Ferrand [Éric Rohmer, Ma nuit chez Maud, 1969] [Françoise Fabian] [Blaise Pascal]
Clermont-Ferrand [Basilica of Notre-Dame du Port]
Clermont-Ferrand [Cathédrale Notre-Dame-de-l'Assomption de Clermont-Ferrand]
Cliff [one] [Gouache on newsprint] [Drawing]
Cliff [two] [Gouache on newsprint] [Drawing]
Cliff [Between ashes, 2019] [Cave, Time, Cliff, Cosmos, Ship, Sound, Tree, Water] [Exterritorial Art Project]
Climate change [climate crisis, climate catastrophe, climate science]
Climate crisis [capitalism/growth imperative — earth/finite]
Climate crisis [global warming, climate change is happening]
Climate crisis [Greta Thunberg; 'Skolstrejk för klimatet']
Climate crisis [Protest] [Berlin] [20. September bis 11. Oktober 2019] [Fotos]
Climate disruption [existential crisis]
Climate system [greenhouse gases, planetary warming]
Clock [Time] [Drawing]
Clock [2xTime] [Drawing]
Clock [Between ashes [Cave, Time, Cliff, Cosmos, Ship, Sound, Tree, Water] [Exterritorial Art Project]
Close Encounters of the Third Kind [Steven Spielberg, 1977] [Melinda Dillon as Jillian Guiler; François Truffaut as Claude Lacombe]
Cluster [Foto]
Cluster/Klangtraube [Music for Mark Rothko, re—issue 2014]
CO2 [carbon dioxide] [climate change, climate crisis, climate catastrophe, climate science] [Dr. James E. Hansen]
Collaborations [with George Henry Koehler]
collapse of capitalism [...]
Coleman, Ornette [1930-2015]
Color Charts/Palette [TWENTYTWENTY Bilderzyklus]
Color/Paper [TWENTYTWENTY Bilderzyklus]
Coltrane, John [for] [TWENTYTWENTY Bilderzyklus]
Coltrane, John [Giant Steps] [Foto]
Combray [Marcel Proust, Auf der Suche nach der verlorenen Zeit]
Commencer-Démarrage [sonorité sans mémoire I]
Compartiment tueurs [Film; Costa-Gavras; Sébastien Japrisot; Paris; 1965]
competition [against/contra, John Cage]
conch shell [Sound Lecture · I · II · IIIa · IV, re—issue 2014]
conch shell [Train Sonor, re—issue 2014]
Cone [fir-cone] [Gouache on dictionary page] [Drawing]
Confucius [551-479 BC] [Chinesische Schriftzeichen] [Zeichnungen und Collagen, 2013/2014/2015]
Control [human consciousness control, William S. Burroughs]
Control [surveillance, eye] [Photographs, 2017]
Conversation with Brion Gysin [Zeichnung, 2014]
Confessiones [Bekenntnisse, Augustinus]
Consumerism [ideology of convenience, ideology of consumption, ideology of consumerism]
Consumerism [materialism, globalization, easy-to-consume environment, environmental degradation]
Copyright [©]
Copland, Aaron [1900-1990]
Copland, Aaron [Piano Concerto, 1926; El Salón México, 1936; Billy the Kid, 1938; Rodeo, 1942; Appalachian Spring, 1944; Clarinet Concerto, 1948; Old American Songs, 1950; Dance Panels, 1959; Connotations, 1962; Night Thoughts, 1972 etc.]
Corelli, Arcangelo [12 Concerti grossi op. 6]
Corelli's Tooth [Zeichnung, 2014]
Corner [Berlin] [Foto]
Cosmopolitanism [citizen of the world, Kwame Anthony Appiah]
Cosmos [Berlin] [Foto]
Cosmos [Between ashes, 2019] [Cave, Time, Cliff, Cosmos, Ship, Sound, Tree, Water] [Exterritorial Art Project]
Cosmos [Cosmic music] [Between ashes, 2019] [Cave, Time, Cliff, Cosmos, Ship, Sound, Tree, Water] [Exterritorial Art Project]
Cosmos/Coil [Gouache on paper] [Drawing]
Cosmos [one] [Gouache on paper] [Drawing]
Cosmos [two] [Gouache on paper] [Drawing]
Cosmos [three] [Gouache on paper] [Drawing]
Cosmos [seven] [Gouache on paper] [Drawing]
Courbet, Gustave [1819-1877]
cow bells [Musik für Schlagzeug, Klavier, Elekrtonik und Tonband, re—issue 2014]
crescendo (<) [Drawing] decrescendo (>) [Drawing]
Critchley, Simon [we're living in quicksand]
Critchley, Simon [Politics, Nihilism, and the Philosophy of Disappointment]
Critchley, Simon [Lecture on art, 2014 Ralph Li]
Crisis [png]
Crisis [Great Credit Crisis 2008]
Crisis [Great Depression 1930; Black Tuesday, October 29, 1929]
Crisis [structures of social inequality, class warfare, worker insecurity]
cross [crossroads, Kreuz, Kreuzung] [Zeichnungen und Collagen, 2013/2014/2015]
Cryonic Freezing [Cryonic Preservation]
CSS [Cascading Style Sheets] [Håkon Wium Lie]
CSS [Cascading Style Sheets] [stylenew.css]
Cummings, E. E. [73 Poems, 1963] [Foto]
Cummings, E. E. [Boulez, Cummings ist der Dichter 1970/1986]
Cunningham/Cage Loft [101 W 18th Street, Manhattan] [Foto]
cut-up technique [Brion Gysin, William S. Burroughs] [cut-ins, cut-outs]
cut-up, visual [aleatory montage/photo-text montage/collage technique]
Cuvry-Brache [Kreuzberg, Berlin] [Foto]
Cymbals [Beginnings Part I, re—issue 2015]

Dada [Zürich, Tzara, Huelsenbeck, Arp, Ball; New-York-Dada, Picabia, Duchamp, Stieglitz, Man Ray]
Daedalus [The divine artificer; Daedalus was a great craftsman, architect, sculptor, and inventor; Father of Icarus; Greek Mythology]
Daedalus [Labyrinth, designed by Daedalus for King Minos to house the Minotaur]
Dante [Dante Alighieri] · La Comedia (Die Göttliche Komödie) (1472) [Beckett, Joyce, Giambattista Vico]
dark energy [expansion of the universe/speculation]
dark matter [Galaxy clusters and gravitational lensing]
dark message
Dataism [Silicon Valley; post-human mind; algorithms]
dataveillance [behavioral economics, internet of things, quantified selfers]
DAT-Recorder (ZA5ES) [Two Places, re—issue 2014]
Death Penalty, The [The Seminars of Jacques Derrida, December 8, 1999 - March 22, 2000]
Dean, Doyle [Zusammenarbeit, The Utility Project]
Debussy [Golliwog's Cake-walk] [61-64] [extrait limité à 01:20, audio]
Debussy [Gamelan, Java, Bali]
Décalcomanie [Farbabklatsch, Max Ernst]
Deconstruction [Derrida]
Deconstruction [Derrida, John D. Caputo] · mp3
Dedalus, Stephen [Stephen Hero; A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man; Ulysses]
Dedalus, Stephen [Class of Elements, Clongowes Wood College, Sallins, County Kildare, Ireland, Europe, The World, The Universe — Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Man]
Degas, Edgar [La classe de danse, Stencil, Zeichnungen, 2013]
DeJohnette, Jack [for]
De l'évasion [Emmanuel Levinas]
Deleuze, Gilles [Reisen ohne Bewegung, Nomadologie]
Deleuze, Gilles [Methoden des Schreibens · download, 68 KB]
Delhi [India]
Delhi [India] [Buddha Jayanti Park]
Delhi [India] [population about 11 million]
Delusion of the Fury, Harry Partch, 1969] [Delusion of the Fury, Heiner Goebbels, Ensemble musikFabrik, Ruhrtriennale 2013]
démarrage [sonorité sans mémoire I]
Demolition Means Progress [Andrew R. Highsmith; Flint, Michigan]
Demy, Jacques [Les Parapluies de Cherbourg, 1964; Les Demoiselles de Rochefort, 1967] [Color; Catherine Deneuve; Françoise Dorléac]
Dentelles de Montmirail [Vaucluse] [Foto]
Dentelles de Montmirail [Vaucluse] [Foto]
Dentelles de Montmirail [Vaucluse] [Foto]
Detroit [Photographs, 2012/2015, Berlin—Detroit]
Detroit [Michigan's Railroad System] [TWENTYTWENTY, three Bilderzyklus]
Detroit [The Beauty of Found Music, re—issue, 2015]
Detroit [TWENTYTWENTY Bilderzyklus]
Detroit [TWENTYTWENTY, three Bilderzyklus]
Detroit [TWENTYTWENTY, two Bilderzyklus]
Detroit [Fotografien, 2010] [Foto]
Detroit [Mack Ave/Beaufait Street, Fotografien, 2010] [Foto]
Detroit [Ryan Mendoza] [Rosa Parks house, Detroit/Wedding] · Galerie öffnen
Detroitification [Detroitification of New York]
Derrida, Jacques [1930-2004]
Derrida, Jacques [Bibilography]
Derrida/Bennington [Foto]
Dhrupad [Genre in Hindustani classical music, Carnatic tradition, India]
Diaphone [Musik für Schlagzeug, Klavier, Elekrtonik und Tonband, re—issue 2014]
différance [différence] [Derrida]
Digital Taylorism [Frederick Winslow Taylor; codifying, capturing, and digitalizing work]
digital drum snippets [sonorité sans mémoire I]
Dillon, Melinda [Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Steven Spielberg, 1977] [Melinda Dillon as Jillian Guiler; François Truffaut as Claude Lacombe]
Dissemination [Jacques Derrida, language is haunted by dispersal, absence, and loss]
Displaced New Yorker [...]
Diogenes von Sinope [Kynismus, Bedürfnislosigkeit, Tat, Praxis]
Donatoni, Franco [1927-2000] [Zeichnungen und Collagen, 2013/2014/2015]
Donne, John [1572-1631] [John Adams, Harmonium]
Door [Berlin] [Foto]
Door [Black door/l'entrée] [Carpentras] [Foto]
Door [Jüterbog] [Foto]
Door [Jüterbog] [Foto]
Doubt [Peirce]
Doughnuts [Projekt: doughnuts, sinkers, record sleeves]
doughnut painting [...]
Drawing [Zeichnen]
Drawing [as sculpture]
Drawing [Between ashes, 2019] [Cave, Time, Cliff, Cosmos, Ship, Sound, Tree, Water]
Drawing [Sketch for sculpture, Gouache on paper, 2018]
Drawing is taking a line for a walk [Paul Klee]
Drawing [Painter] [Gouache on paper] [Drawing]
Drawings [Zeichnungen] — 32 x 28 cm (12.6 x 11 inches) — Bilderzyklus [2013]
Dream [Sigmund Freud, Die Traumdeutung, 1899]
Dream [Between ashes [Cave, Time, Cliff, Cosmos, Ship, Sound, Tree, Water] [Exterritorial Art Project]
Drei [Three] [3] [Foto]
Drew, James Mulcro [Composer, 1929-2010]
Drew, James Mulcro [for] [The Beauty of Found Music, re—issue, 2015]
Dripped [Berlin] [Foto]
Dripping [Drip Painting, Action Painting, All-over-Painting, Jackson Pollock]
Dublin [Ulysses, Joyce, Die Welt und der ganze Kosmos liegen in den Buchstaben]
Dublin [tonBAND montage · Zürich, Frankfurt am Main, Dublin, Berlin, 2011]
Dubuffet, Jean [The Chase Manhattan Bank Plaza, NYC] [Foto]
Duchamp, Marcel [1887-1968]
Duchamp, Marcel [Flaschentrockner] [Cabannes] [Drawing]
Duchamp, Marcel [Trace/Duchamp, Montpellier] [Foto]
Dufourmantelle, Anne [Hospitality, Derrida] [Foto]
Dumbarton Oaks [Igor Stravinsky, Konzert in Es für Kammerorchester, 1937/38]
Dumpster Diving
Dungchen [Tibetan horn]
Dunking [slam dunk] [Korbwurf] [Basketball]
Dunking [Zeichnungen und Collagen, 2013/2014/2015]
Dunkle Materie [Kosmologie]
Duo [A-D] [Beginnings Part I, re—issue 2015]

Ear [Provence, 2004 [Foto]
écriture chiffrée I
[for James M. Drew]
Eddington, Sir Arthur Stanley [1882-1944] [Astronomer, physicist, and mathematician]
Eddington, Sir Arthur Stanley [The Nature of the Physical World, 1935]
Einbildungskraft, Das Spiel der [imagination]
Einfachheit [Wittgenstein, Michel de Montaigne, Thoreau]
Eins, Die Welt und das Leben sind [Wittgenstein, Tractatus 5.621]
Einsamkeit, Vom Nutzen der [Charles Sanders Peirce, 1860]
Eisenstein, Sergei [1898-1948]
Eisenstein, Sergei [Battleship Potemkin; 'Odessa Steps' sequence]
Eisenstein, Sergei [Theory of Montage; metric, rhythmic, tonal, overtonal, intellectual]
Ella [Ella Fitzgerald and Zen-Buddhism]
electric guitar [The Beauty of Found Music, re—issue, 2015]
Elektronik [Musik für Schlagzeug, Klavier, Elekrtonik und Tonband, re—issue 2014]
Elektronik [musique trouvé Serie]
Ellison, Ralph [1914-1994] [Invisible Man,1952]
El Niño [veränderte Strömungen im ozeanographisch-meteorologischen System]
embouchure (mouthpiece) [Grotesques, re—issue, 2014]
embouchure (mouthpiece) [Beginnings Part I, re—issue 2015]
Emerson, Ralph Waldo [1803-1882]
Emotions Analytics [Totale Kontrolle, Allherrschaft des Organisationsprinzips, Verwaltete Welt, Adorno]
Empire State Building [Manhattan] [Foto]
Empire State Building [350 5TH AVE.] [Foto]
Empire State Building [Andy Warhol, silent film Empire, 1964]
Emptiness of Emptiness, The [Nagarjuna]
Endgame [Beckett]
endless combinations [Zeichnungen und Collagen, 2013/2014/2015]
enjoy climate change [Komposition, 2009/2010/2011/2012]
Enso [Water circle, Berlin] [Foto]
Entrance [Kreuzberg, Schlesisches Tor, Wohnung] [Foto]
Environmentalism [Henry D. Thoreau, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Wendell Berry, Howard Zahniser]
Environmental-Destruction is Self-Destruction [Henry D. Thoreau, John Cage, Michel Serres]
Environment sound recordings [Berlin]
Environment sound recordings [Two Places, re—issue 2014]
Environment sound recordings [Lecture on art, without words, one]
Environment sound recordings [mirrors/flipside I & II]
Epimeleia heauton [Sich-um-sich-Kümmern, Sich-um-sich-Sorgen, Michel Foucault]
Ernst ist das Leben, heiter ist die Kunst [Friedrich Schiller]
Ernst, Max [gelenkter Zufall]
Essais [Michel de Montaigne]
Essays before a Sonata [Charles Ives]
Escalator/People [Bundesplatz, Berlin] [Foto]
Essl, Karlheinz [FontanaMixer] [The Beauty of Found Music, re—issue, 2015]
Europe [Europa]
Everything can and does become something else · Kunst Festival Berlin [2014]
Everything has already happened to us with Ulysses and has been signed in advance by Joyce [Derrida, Ulysses Gramophone, die Welt als Buch]
Every day is a chance to reinvent oneself [John Zorn]
Every day is a good day [John Cage]
Evolutionäre Liebe [Evolutionary Love, Charles S. Peirce] [Foto]
explanation kills the work [...]
expanded conception of art [erweiterter Kunstbegriff, Joseph Beuys]
Experimental Artists Network [Berlin]
explanation kills any masterpiece [Zeichnungen und Collagen, 2013/2014/2015]
Exterritorial Art Project [Lost in contemplation, 2015]
Exterritorial Art Project [Between ashes, 2019] [Cave, Time, Cliff, Cosmos, Ship, Sound, Tree, Water]
Exterritoriale Kunst
extreme humanness [space, size, hand, eye, Vitruvius]
Eye [Surveillance] [Foto]
Eye [Surveillance] [Photographs, 2017]
Eyeglasses [Foto]
Eye, Yamantaka [John Zorn, NaniNani]

Fabian, Françoise [Éric Rohmer, Ma nuit chez Maud, 1969] [Clermont-Ferrand, Blaise Pascal]
Façade I [Berlin] [Foto]
Façade II [Berlin] [Foto]
Façade III [Berlin] [Foto]
Façade IV [Berlin] [Foto]
Façade [Manhattan] [Foto]
fait accompli [a thing accomplished and presumably irreversible]
fait accompli [something that has already happened or been done and cannot be changed]
Farbe [Music for Mark Rothko, re—issue 2014]
Farbe [Wittgenstein, Goethe]
Farn [Büdingen, Hessen] [Foto]
Faure, Élie [Vélasquez; opening scene of Jean-Luc Godard/Pierrot le Fou, 1965]
Feather [Berlin] [Foto]
Federman, Raymond [Methoden des Schreibens · download, 68 KB]
Fehler-Machen, Das
Fehler und Melancholie [Art Stream]
Fehrbelliner Platz [Berlin-Wilmersdorf] [Otto Firle] [Foto]
Fence [New York, 2010] [Foto]
feuille blanche [Zeichnungen]
Filamente [Berlin] [Foto]
Filamente [Painting, Detail] [Foto]
Filamente [fadenförmige Verbindungen im Universum]
Fin de siècle [Regression, Ohnmacht]
Finnegans Wake [James Joyce]
Finelli, Giuliano [1601-1653]
finishing Ugly/Beauty [miswordings]
Fintelmann, Joachim Anton Ferdinand [Pfaueninsel, Berlin] [Foto]
Flaming Creatures [experimental film, 1962/63; Jack Smith, 1932-1989]
Flapper [Louise Brooks; Clara Bow; Colleen Moore]
Flaschentrockner [Duchamp] [Cabannes] [Drawing]
Flaschentrockner [vide-grenier, Carpentras] [Foto]
Flatiron Building [Fuller Building, Zeichnungen]
Fludd, Robert [1574-1637] [Zeichnungen und Collagen, 2013/2014/2015]
Flute [Between ashes, 2019] [Cave, Time, Cliff, Cosmos, Ship, Sound, Tree, Water]
Flute stream
Fong, Wen C. [Chinese painting and calligraphy]
FontanaMixer 1.0 [Argonauts — 5-disc set, re—mastered & re—issued 2015/2017]
FontanaMixer 1.0 [sonorité sans mémoire I]
FontanaMixer 1.0 [The Beauty of Found Music, re—issue, 2015]
Form [drawing; gouache on paper]
Form [Berlin] [Foto]
Foto—Calligraphy I [for Brion Gysin] [Foto]
Foto—Calligraphy II [for Brion Gysin] [Foto]
Foto—Calligraphy III [for Brion Gysin] [Foto]
Fotografie [...]
Foto-Montagen [Zeichnungen und Collagen, 2013/2014/2015]
Foucault, Michel [for]
Foulards [Wagner]
found music [The Beauty of Found Music, re—issue, 2015]
found object [objet trouvé] [TWENTYTWENTY Installation]
Fourteen/Gamelan [Liberation[s], Bilderzyklus, 2015]
Fragmentierung des Textes [Antonin Artaud]
Frankfurt am Main [Frankfurt Höchst]
Freedom Principle [Berlin] [Foto]
frei, Der Mensch ist [Selbstbestimmung, Giovanni Pico della Mirandola, Theodor W. Adorno]
Friedrichswerdersche Kirche [Berlin, Karl Friedrich Schinkel]
Fridays for Future u. Extinction Rebellion Protest in Berlin [20. September bis 11. Oktober 2019] [Fotos]
Frot, Catherine [Actrice]
Frottage [frotter = reiben, Max Ernst]
Frutiger, Adrian [Swiss type designer]
Fuller, Richard Buckminster [1895-1983] [Everyone is born a genius, but the process of living de-geniuses them.]
Funeral Orchestra and Other Duos [with George Koehler]

Gagaku [elegant music, Kyoto, Japan]
Gage, Phineas P. [1823-1860] [John Martyn Harlow, Jesse Glass, The passion of Phineas Gage & selected poems, 2006]
Gaia [James Lovelock, Bruno Latour, Gaia hypothesis]
Galilei, Galileo [for] [new sciences] [Drawings, Zeichnungen] — 32 x 28 cm (12.6 x 11 inches) — Bilderzyklus [2013]
Gamelan [Java, Bali, Debussy]
Gamelan [Liberation[s], Bilderzyklus, 2015]
Gargantua et Pantagruel [François Rabelais, 1483-1553]
Gass, William H. [Middle C, 2013; The Tunnel, 1995; Omensetter's Luck, 1966]
Gass, William H. [Bibliophilia]
Gasometer [Berlin Schöneberg] [Foto]
Gebser, Jean [1905-1973]
Gefäss für Kunst, Ein [Kunstkontext]
Gehen [Honoré de Balzac, Theorie des Gehens]
Gehen [Labyrinth, Stadt als Text; Walter Benjamin, Paris, Berlin; Alfred Kazin, New York]
Gehen [Francesco Petrarca, Die Besteigung des Mont Ventoux]
Gehen [Thomas Bernhard, Michel Butor, James Joyce, Samuel Beckett, Robert Walser, Richard Long, Harry Partch]
Gehen [TWENTYTWENTY shoes] [Foto]
Gehen [Henry D. Thoreau, Vom Spazieren, Walking, The Transcendental Saunterer, David Clyde Smith]
Gehen [Walk, one] [Gouache on music paper] [Foto]
Gehen [Walk, two] [Gouache on music paper] [Foto]
Gelb [Colorworld] [Gelb/Schwarz = Warnung usw. Funktional]
Gelb [Gilets jaunes] [Gelbwesten] ['Macron démission', 'dégage', 'dehors']
generative sound environment [sonorité sans mémoire I]
Genesis Breyer P-Orridge [William S. Burroughs]
Genesis Of A Music [Harry Partch]
Gentrification [Ruth Glass, Islington, London]
geologically [Zeichnungen und Collagen, 2013/2014/2015]
Gershenfeld, Neil [Personal Fabrication, 3D Printing]
Gesamtkunstwerk [Total Art]
Get out fast [Hobo symbol]
Get out fast [Gouache on paper] [Drawing]
Gewißheit, Über [Ludwig Wittgenstein]
ghosts [Writings]
ghosts [ghostly presence-absence] [spectrality] [Derrida]
ghosts [Berlin] [Foto]
ghosts [good and evil] [montage] [Foto]
ghosts [good and evil] [writing] [Foto]
ghosts [Niederkirchnerstraße, Berlin] [Foto]
Gill, Eric [Essay on Typography, 1931]
Gilberto, Astrud [Voice]
Gilets jaunes [Gelbwesten] ['Macron démission', 'dégage', 'dehors']
Ginger [Foto]
Ginkgo [Ginkgo biloba, Johann Wolfgang Goethe]
Ginkgo [in der Kunst]
Ginkgo [Teris A. van Beek, Peter Crane]
Ginkgo [Zeichnungen und Collagen, 2013/2014/2015]
Giraffe Man [Fotografie, New York, 1991] [TWENTYTWENTY, four Bilderzyklus]
Giraffe Man [Paint; Studio] [Foto]
Glass, Jesse
Glass, Jesse [The passion of Phineas Gage & selected poems, 2006]
Glass, Jesse [Listening I and II]
Glass, Jesse [For Ralph]
Glass, Jesse [for] [The Beauty of Found Music, re—issue, 2015]
Glass, Philip [sculpture typographique]
Glazier, Paul [for] [The Beauty of Found Music, re—issue, 2015]
Glazier, Paul [Long Breath] [Foto]
Gleisdreieck [Berlin] [Kreuzberg, Schöneberg]
Glitch [Hazard, Störgeräusche] [Listening I and II, for Jesse Glass]
Glitch [Hazard, Störgeräusche] [The Beauty of Found Music, re—issue, 2015]
globalisation [worldwide-isation, mondialisation]
Global village [Marshall McLuhan]
Globe/Time I [Gouache on book page] [Drawing]
Globe/Time II [Gouache on book page] [Drawing]
Globe/Time III [Gouache on book page] [Drawing]
Glockenspiel [Music for Mark Rothko, re—issue 2014]
Glückliche Tage [Beckett, Billie Whitelaw]
Glückliche Tage [Happy Days; Oh les beaux jours]
Glückliche Tage [image]
Gnothi seauton [Delphi, Erkenne dich selbst!]
Godard, Jean-Luc [nouvelle vague]
Godard, Jean-Luc [Montage/Collage, Visuals/Cartoons, Farben, Tod, Anna Karina, Pierrot le fou, 1965]
Godard, Jean-Luc [Jump Cut, Spiegel, Verrat, Jean Seberg, À bout de souffle, 1960]
Godard, Jean-Luc [carte postale, envois]
Godot [Samuel Beckett, Waiting for Godot, Vladimir, Estragon, Pozzo, Lucky, A Boy]
Godwin, William [Zeichnungen]
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von [1749-1832]
Goethe [Joseph Beuys]
Goethe [Colorworld]
Goethe [Ginkgo, Italienische Reise]
Goethe [Kunstwerk des Lebens]
Goethe [Über den Granit, 1784]
Goethe [Johann Peter Eckermann, Gespräche mit Goethe]
gold/vomit [Music for the Un-Gated Community]
Goldman, Emma [for E.G., Zeichnungen]
Golliwog's Cake-walk [Debussy] [61-64] [extrait limité à 01:20, audio]
Gong [Beginnings Part I, re—issue 2015]
Gong [écriture chiffrée I, for James M. Drew]
Gong [bowed] [Music for Mark Rothko, re—issue 2014]
Gong [bowed] [Louis Mink Duos, re—issue, 2014]
Gong [Instruments, re—issue, 2014]
Gong [Louis Mink Duos, re—issue, 2014]
Gopalakrishnan, M. S. [1931-2013] [Indian violinist; Carnatic and Hindustani]
Görlitzer Bahnhof [Berlin] [Foto]
Gorki, Maxim [1868-1936] [Der Landstreicher]
Gouache [Tempera] [TWENTYTWENTY Bilderzyklus]
Goudy, Frederic W. [Goudy Old Style]
Goudy Old Style [Typeface, Frederic William Goudy]
Gould, Glenn [for]
Gould, Glenn [Michel Schneider] [Foto]
Goya [Francisco de Goya y Lucientes, Duelo a garrotazos, Pinturas negras]
Gravity [the force that attracts a body toward the center of the earth, or toward any other physical body having mass]
Gravity [Chinesische Schriftzeichen] [Zeichnungen und Collagen, 2013/2014/2015]
Grapheme [...]
Grattage [gratter = abkratzen, Max Ernst]
Great Jones Street [Manhattan, NoHo, Don DeLillo, Bob Dylan, Jean-Michel Basquiat]
Greenaway, Peter
Greenpoint [Brooklyn]
Grisey, Gérard [1946-1998] [Quatre chants pour franchir le seuil 1997-98; Dérives 1973-74]
Grothendieck, Alexander [1928-2014]
Grotesques [with George Koehler]
Grundton [Gesamtheit der Töne] [Music for Mark Rothko, re—issue 2014]
grotesques calligraphic [Zeichnungen und Collagen, 2013/2014/2015]
Guangzhou [Guangdong province, South China]
Guggenheim Museum, The [1071 5th Ave, New York, NY 10128]
Guillaume de Machaut [for]
Guillaume de Machaut [Zeichnungen und Collagen, 2013/2014/2015]
Gurtu, Trilok [for]
Guru Meditation {error notice, message for unrecoverable errors, Amiga]
Gysin, Brion [1916-1986]
Gysin, Brion [B. Gysin misunderstood, Zeichnung]
Gysin, Brion [Foto—Calligraphy I] [Foto]
Gysin, Brion [Foto—Calligraphy II] [Foto]
Gysin, Brion [Foto—Calligraphy III] [Foto]

Habitation — [Architecture] Wohnen [Photographs, 2015/2016]
Haiku [Reginald Horace Blyth, Ken Yasuda, Matsuo Takahashi]
Hallesches Ufer [Berlin-Kreuzberg] [Fehling+Gogel, 1968-71] [Foto]
hand-colored paper [TWENTYTWENTY Bilderzyklus]
Hanzi [Traditional, Simplified] [Chinesische Schriftzeichen]
Happy Days [Samuel Beckett, Billie Whitelaw]
Harrison, Lou [1917-2003] [Composer, student of Henry Cowell, Arnold Schönberg, K. P. H. Notoprojo]
Harmolodics [Ornette Coleman]
Hassan, Ihab [Louis Mink Duos, re—issue, 2014]
Havenland Lighthouse Placard [Lighthouse, 2011]
Havenland Vuurtoren Placard [2006] [Foto]
Hawthorne, Nathaniel [1804-1864]
Haydn, Joseph [1732-1809]
Haydn, Joseph [Cellokonzert Nr. 1/Nr. 2]
HCE [Here Comes Everybody] [James Joyce, Finnegans Wake, 1939]
Hebrew alphabet [TWENTYTWENTY Bilderzyklus]
Hegel, G. W. F.
Hegel [Buddhismus]
Hegel [Derrida, Glas, 1974]
Hegel, Eine Woche mit [Theaterstück und Hörspiel]
Hegel [Slavoj Zizek]
Heidegger, Martin [Genialität, Wahnsinn, Philosophie]
Heidegger, Martin [Langeweile, Seinsvergessenheit, Zeit]
Heidegger, Martin [Sein und Zeit, Holzwege, Die Grundbegriffe der Metaphysik]
Heidegger, Martin [Voralpenschwachdenker, Thomas Bernhard in Alte Meister]
Heidegger, Martin [Derrida, Of Spirit: Heidegger and the Question, 1989]
Heliópolis [São Paulo]
Heisig, James W. [Chinesische Schriftzeichen]
Heraklit [Fragmente]
Harold en Italie op. 16 [Hector Berlioz; 1834]
Harold en Italie op. 16 [Lord Byron, Childe Harold's Pilgrimage]
Hessel, Franz [1880-1941] [Walter Benjamin; Alfred Polgar]
Hessel, Franz [Ein Flaneur in Berlin, Spazieren in Berlin, 1929]
Hessel, Franz [Gedenktafel] [Foto]
Hessel, Franz [Lindauer Straße 8] [Foto]
hétérotopies, Les [argonauts — 5-disc set, re—mastered & re—issued 2015/2017]
Hibakusha [surviving victims of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki]
Hiermit trete ich aus der Kunst aus [Joseph Beuys, 1985]
Highball [to go ahead at full speed]
Hikikomori [withdrawn person]
Hill, Andrew [1931-2007] [for]
Hiragino Mincho [Schrift]
Histoire de la folie [Michel Foucault]
Hobbes, Thomas [Leviathan or the Matter, Forme and Power of a Commonwealth Ecclesiastical and Civil]
Hobo [tramp, vagabond, Harry Partch]
Höhleneingang [entrance to the cave] [Drawings, 2018]
Hood, Thomas [1798-1845]
Homo digitalis [Digital society]
Hospitality [Derrida] [Foto]
Hotel 17 [225 E. 17th Street, New York, NY 10003]
Houdini, Harry [1874-1926] [Vaudeville; Ragtime, E. L. Doctorow]
How small a thought it takes to fill a whole life! [Ludwig Wittgenstein]
HTML 4.01 Transitional DTD [HTML 4.01 Specification]
Hubble, Edwin [1889-1953]
Hubble, Edwin [Hubble-Konstante, Expansion des Universums, Hubble's law]
Hubble, Edwin [Expansion of the Universe]
Hubble's diagram [cosmic expansion]
Hubble's diagram [Zeichnungen und Collagen, 2013/2014/2015]
Hudson River Landscape [David Smith, 1951]
Humboldt Universität [Berlin] [Foto]
Hydraulic Fracturing [Fracking; Economic development and environmental destruction]
HyperNormalisation [Hypernormalization] [Alexei Yurchak; Adam Curtis]
Hyperobjects [Timothy Morton]
Hypomnemata [Niederlegung der Erinnerung; Antike, Schreibhefte und Notizbücher; Seneca, Plutarch, Marcus Aurelius]

Icarus [Greek Mythology; The son of Daedalus, who escaped from Crete using wings made by his father but was killed when he flew too near the sun and the wax attaching his wings melted.]
Icarus I, II, III [Zeichnungen und Collagen, 2013/2014/2015]
Ichiyanagi, Toshi [*1933] ['Cloud Atlas I–X' for piano; 'Music For Living Process' for Shakuhachi, flute, harp, percussion]
id quod visum placet [that which, being seen, pleases, St. Thomas Aquinas]
If something's not worth saying, say it... [Box]
Igor’s asymmetry racket [Harold Shapero]
ill matched semantic components [mismatched semantic components]
imagination, bread, incomplete [visual]
imagination dead imagine
[nach Beckett]
Improvisation [Zeichnungen] — 32 x 28 cm (12.6 x 11 inches) — Bilderzyklus [2013]
Improvisation, Spirituality of
Improvisation for prepared piano [2008 version]
I never know what I’m going to paint until I paint it. [visual]
India [Indien]
Indischer Monsun [Monsunphänomen]
Indische Philosophie [Hinduismus, Buddhismus, Jainismus]
ineluctably [unvermeidlich]
infinité [Zeichnungen und Collagen, 2013/2014/2015]
Informel [Formlosigkeit]
Inflatable Giraffe Man [Fotografie, New York, 1991]
Inflatable Giraffe Man [TWENTYTWENTY, four Bilderzyklus]
Ingold, Tim [The Life of Lines, Being Alive, Essays on movement, knowledge and description]
Ingwer [Foto]
Ink pen
Innsbrucker Platz [Berlin] [Foto]
Innsbrucker Platz [Berlin] [Argonauts] [Foto]
Innsbrucker Platz [Berlin] [Avant-garde painter, invisible] [Foto]
Innsbrucker Platz [Berlin] [For Michel Butor] [Foto]
Innsbrucker Platz [Berlin] [Walking] [Foto]
Instability [instability is a fact of nature]
Installation [TWENTYTWENTY Installation at Asia Contemporary Art Platform NON Berlin]
Instruments [re—issue 2014]
Interconnectedness [Buddhist Writings]
Intervalle [Music for Mark Rothko, re—issue 2014]
Invisible Hand, The [Adam Smith]
I seem to speak [Beckett] [Writings]
Italienische Reise [Goethe]
Italienische Musik [Monteverdi, Corelli, Scarlatti, Vivaldi, Frescobaldi, Donatoni, Nono, Berio, Scelsi, Manzoni]
it is what it is [Writings] [png]
Ives, Charles [for Charles Ives, Zeichnung]
Ives, Charles [Between ashes, 2019] [Cave, Time, Cliff, Cosmos, Ship, Sound, Tree, Water]
Ives, Charles [Tree, for Charles Ives] [Drawing]
Ivrea Codex [Guillaume de Machaut]

Jabès, Edmond [Liberation[s], Bilderzyklus, 2015]
Jainismus [Jainism, Indian religion of Jainism]
Jakobson, Roman [Phonologie, Semiotik, Prager Schule]
Janácek, Leos [1854-1928]
Jardin [Flaschentrockner] [Duchamp] [Cabannes] [Drawing]
Jazz [Blue Notes]
Jegog [Gamelan, Bali, played on bamboo instruments]
Jog, V. G. [1922-2004] [Indian violinist; Hindustani]
Joplin, Scott [1867/68-1917] [Ragtime]
Journey [Voyage Intérieur] [Shoes]
Joyce, James [for]
Joyce, James [argonauts — 5-disc set, re—mastered & re—issued 2015/2017]
Joyce, James [Train Sonor, re—issue 2014]
Joyce, Stanislaus [My Brother's Keeper]
Jozan, Ishikawa [1583-1672, Sudden Shower]
Jun’ichiro, Tanizaki [Lob des Schattens]
junk is beauty [finding beauty in junk]
Junta de Valladolid [Disput von Valladolid, Juan Ginés de Sepúlveda]
Jüterbog [Teltow-Fläming] [Foto] [Foto]

Kahn, Louis [1901-1974] [Phillips Exeter Academy Library, New Hampshire]
Kairos [der gute Zeitpunkt] [Chronos, der Lauf der Zeit, das Rad der Zeit, die Uhr]
Kakumin [Schrift]
Kalish, Gilbert [Charles Ives]
Kant, Immanuel [Kritik der Urteilskraft, Schöne Kunst ist eine Kunst, sofern sie zugleich Natur zu sein scheint.]
Kaplan, George [Roger Thornhill, Cary Grant, Alfred Hitchcock, North by Northwest, 1959]
Keaton, Buster [1895-1966] [stone face, pork pie hat]
Keaton, Buster [Samuel Beckett, Alan Schneider, Film 1964]
Kentridge, William [for]
Kepler, Johannes
kettledrum [timpani] [Beginnings Part I, re—issue 2015]
Khene [Komposition]
Kid [Detroit] [Foto]
Kierkegaard, Søren [1813-1855] [Johannes de Silentio, Constantin Constantius]
Kimchi [Writings]
Kirk, Rahsaan Roland [for]
[sculpture musicale]
Klangflächenkomposition [Sound Lecture, re—issue 2014]
Klangflächenkomposition [Music for Mark Rothko, re—issue 2014]
Klangschichten [Music for Mark Rothko, re—issue 2014]
Klangschiff [argonauts — 5-disc set, re—mastered & re—issued 2015/2017]
Klangteppich [Drone, Bordun] [Music for Mark Rothko, re—issue 2014]
Klangtraube/Cluster [Music for Mark Rothko, re—issue 2014]
Klarinettenkonzert in A-Dur KV 622 [Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart] [Sydney Pollack, Out of Africa, 1985; Jean-Luc Godard, A bout de souffle, 1959]
Klavier [Musik für Schlagzeug, Klavier, Elekrtonik und Tonband, re—issue 2014]
Kleinformat [TWENTYTWENTY Bilderzyklus]
Klein, Yves [Anthropométrie de l'Époque bleue]
Klein, Yves [Sprung in die Leere]
Klein, Yves [Leap into the Void] [Neue Nationalgalerie, Tiergarten/Berlin Mitte] [Foto] [Foto]
Kleistpark [Berlin] [U-Bahn station, Schöneberg]
Kline, Franz [1910-1962]
Knish [Jewish cookery, fried or baked turnover or roll of dough with a filling, as of meat, kasha, or potato]
Knots/Lines [Linealogy] [Photographs, 2016 — Berlin]
Kochkünstler, Jeder Mensch ist ein [Joseph Beuys]
Koehler, George
Koehler, George [Eine Woche mit Hegel]
Koehler, George [imagination dead imagine; nach Beckett]
Koehler, George [Zeil 5 Concert]
Koehler | Lichtensteiger [Argonauts — 5-disc set, re—mastered & re—issued 2015/2017]
Koehler | Lichtensteiger [Between ashes part 2, 02:48] [Between ashes, 2019] [Cave, Time, Cliff, Cosmos, Ship, Sound, Tree, Water]
Koehler | Lichtensteiger [Cageware · The Revolution of Life and Language Vol. 1, 1997]
Koehler | Lichtensteiger [Instruments, re—issue, 2014]
Koehler | Lichtensteiger [Louis Mink Duos, re—issue, 2014]
Koehler | Lichtensteiger [Grotesques, re—issue, 2014]
Koehler | Lichtensteiger [Train Sonor, re—issue, 2014]
Koehler | Lichtensteiger [Music for Mark Rothko, re—issue, 2014]
Koehler | Lichtensteiger [Beginnings Part I, re—issue, 2015]
Koehler | Lichtensteiger [The Beauty of Found Music, re—issue, 2015]
Kondek, Chris [Berry Street, Williamsburg]
Kopernikus, Nikolaus [Die Genesis der kopernikanischen Welt, Hans Blumenberg]
Kopfstehend [upside down] [Foto]
Kopf-Kunst [Robert Barry, Lawrence Winer, Douglas Huebler, Robert Morris]
kosmisches Bewusstsein [Imprägniert mit dem Nichts]
Kosmos [Foto]
Kosuth, Joseph [for]
Kounellis, Jannis [for]
Kraftfelder [...]
Kreativität [zwanghafte Kreativität, Inflation des Kreativitätsbegriffs]
Kreisel [Steglitz] [Berlin, Photographs, 2015]
Kreuz [cross, crossroads, Kreuzung] [Zeichnungen und Collagen, 2013/2014/2015]
Kreuz [l'intersection] [France] [Foto]
Kreuzberg [Berlin] [Foto]
Kropotkin, Peter [1842-1921]
Kunst [Art]
Kunst, Alles ist [Wahrnehmung, Ästhetik, The Spirit of Sauntering]
Kunst [als Strafarbeit, Beckett]
Kunst, Die Praxis der
Kunst, Exterritoriale
Kunst [Teil der Unterhaltungsindustrie, Ökonomisierung der Kunst, Instrumentalisierung von Kunst]
Kunst ist eine Art Versuchslabor [Cage]
Kunst ist eine Hochstapelei [Künstler/Kind]
Kunst/Leben [Künstler/Mensch]
Kunst, Schuhe und Pilze [Shoes and Polypores]
Kunst [Welche Kraft hat die Kunst?]
Kunst werden, Alles kann zur [aber nicht alles ist Kunst]
Kunst Brote [Brot/Kunst Projekt, 2015]
Kunstwerk (Ludwig Wittgenstein]
Künstler [Artist]
Künstler [Der Künstler als Gauner, Halunke, Ganove, Bandit, Gangster, Lump, Schurke, Filou, Schlawiner] [Joseph Beuys]
Künstler, Jeder Mensch ist ein [Joseph Beuys]
künstlichen Paradiese, Die [Charles Baudelaire]

La Boëtie, Étienne de [Von der freiwilligen Knechtschaft des Menschen; Discours de la servitude volontaire, 1574]
Labyrinth [Daedalus; Minotaur; Ariadne]
Labyrinth der Einsamkeit, Das [Octavio Paz]
Laï, Tamara [Manhattan Box]
Lambda-CDM model [Big Bang theory]
La Mettrie, Julien Offray de [1709-1751] [Der Mensch als Maschine, L'homme machine, 1748]
Landart [Foto]
Landart [Laird Noteless, Chronic City by Jonathan Lethem]
Landscape [sonorité sans mémoire I]
Landscape #1 [Beginnings Part I, re—issue 2015]
Landstreicher, Der [Maxim Gorki, 1868-1936]
Landstreicherei [Der Landstreicher ist in jedem Fall ein wahrer Künstler]
langage de l’espace, le [1st part, 2004]
Langeweile [Heidegger, Die Grundbegriffe der Metaphysik, 1929/30]
Laniakea [super-cluster, immeasurable heaven]
Large Binocular Telescope [Optical Astronomy, Interferometrie; Mount Graham, Arizona]
Lascaux [Caves]
Lateef, Yusef [for]
Laurel and Hardy [Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Hal Roach Studios]
Lauten [Lute] [Gouache on paper, detail] [Drawing]
Lauten und Gitarren [Zeichnungen und collagen, 2018]
Lauten und Gitarren [Chitarrone] [Giovanni Kapsberger, 1580-1651]
Lauten und Gitarren [Chitarrone] [Gouache on paper, detail] [Drawing]
Leary, Timothy [LSD, Millbrook experiment, The Psychedelic Experience, 1964]
Leaving Things Undone [Zeichnung, 2014]
Layer I-III [Music for Mark Rothko, re—issue 2014]
Leben/Kunst [life/art trouble, Bilderzyklus, 2013/2014]
Leben/Kunst [life/art trouble, Exhibition catalog, 2014] [pdf] · download [16 MB]
Lebenskunst [Seneca, Epiktet, Marc Aurel, Plutarch, Montaigne, Beuys, Foucault, Ästhetik der Existenz]
Lebenslauf—Werklauf [Vita, Projekte und Ausstellungen]
Lecture on art
Lenné. Peter Joseph [Pfaueninsel, Berlin] [Foto]
Leinwand [Canvas, entoiler = auf Leinwand aufziehen]
Leonardo da Vinci [1452-1519] [Foto]
Leonardo da Vinci [Fabeln]
Leonardo da Vinci [Notebooks, Philosophische Tagebücher]
Leonardo da Vinci [objet/tableau trouvé] [Foto]
Leonardo da Vinci [Steine] [Der Stein und seine Brüder]
Leonardo da Vinci [Vitruvian Man, Study of proportions, from Vitruvius's De Architectura]
Leonardo da Vinci [Water, Plants, Rocks, Clouds, Landscapes, Animals]
less is more, Well [Robert Browning; Andrea del Sarto; The Faultless Painter]
Letters, The Mystery of [Die Welt und der ganze Kosmos liegen in den Buchstaben] [TWENTYTWENTY Bilderzyklus]
Let the Mice In [Brion Gysin]
Leviathan [Thomas Hobbes]
Levinas, Emmanuel [De l'évasion,1935]
Lévi-Strauss, Claude [Tristes Tropiques, Mythologiques, Nambikwara]
liberating self-alteration [metamorphic being] [John Cage]
Liberation[s] [Bilderzyklus, 2015] [for Louis Mink, Fourteen/Gamelan, for Edmond Jabès]
liberty is not self-expression, but self-alteration [John Cage]
Lichtensteiger | Koehler [Argonauts — 5-disc set, re—mastered & re—issued 2015/2017]
Lichtensteiger | Koehler [Between ashes part 2, 02:48] [Between ashes, 2019] [Cave, Time, Cliff, Cosmos, Ship, Sound, Tree, Water]
Lichtensteiger | Koehler [Instruments, re—issue, 2014]
Lichtensteiger | Koehler [Louis Mink Duos, re—issue, 2014]
Lichtensteiger | Koehler [Grotesques, re—issue, 2014]
Lichtensteiger | Koehler [Train Sonor, re—issue, 2014]
Lichtensteiger | Koehler [Music for Mark Rothko, re—issue, 2014]
Lichtensteiger | Koehler [Beginnings Part I, re—issue, 2015]
Lichtensteiger | Koehler [The Beauty of Found Music, re—issue, 2015]
life/art trouble [Bilderzyklus, 2013/2014]
life/art trouble [Exhibition catalog, 2014] [pdf] · download [16 MB]
Ligeti, György [Grotesques, re—issue, 2014]
Lightbox v2.03 [Lokesh Dhakar]
Lightbox v2.03 [js/lightbox.js]
Lighthouse [Komposition, 2006/2011] [Havenland Vuurtoren Placard [2006] [Foto]
ligne [die Linie]
Lindauer Straße 8 [Berlin] [Franz Hessel] [Foto]
Line [degré] [Foto]
Lines/Knots [Linealogy] [Photographs, 2016] — Berlin]
Logisch-philosophische Abhandlung [Ludwig Wittgenstein]
London [Fotografien 2001, 2008, 2009]
London ghosts [manipulated autobiography]
London [street, 2001] [Foto]
London [street, 2001] [Foto]
London [underground] [Foto]
Lost in contemplation [Exterritorial Art Project, 2015]
Lost New York [Zeichnungen und Collagen, 2013/2014/2015]
Lovelock, James [scientist, inventor, maverick; Gaia hypothesis, pro-fracking]
Lovelock, James [electron capture detector, Ionisationskammer]
Löwe sprechen könnte, wir könnten ihn nicht verstehen. Wenn ein [Wittgenstein, Philosophische Untersuchungen]
Lower East Side [Manhattan]
LSD [Lysergsäurediethylamid, Albert Hofmann]
LSD [psychedelic experience, question authority, CIA]
LSD [Timothy Leary, Harvard Psilocybin Project, Millbrook experiment]
L train shutdown [14th Street Tunnel shutdown, Canarsie Tunnel reconstruction] [New York City, Brooklyn] [Hurricane Sandy, 2012]
Lumpy Gravy [Zappa, 1968]
Lute [Gouache on paper, detail] [Drawing]
Lute [Lauten und Gitarren] [Zeichnungen und collagen, 2018]
Lute [Lauten und Gitarren] [Chitarrone] [Giovanni Kapsberger, 1580-1651]

M [Gouache on paper] [Drawing]
M [Gouache on paper] [Drawing]
M [Gouache on paper] [Drawing]
M [Gouache on dictionary page] [Drawing]
Mack Ave [Beaufait Street, Detroit, Fotografien, 2010] [Foto]
Mad Music [Charles Ives]
Magellan, Ferdinand [erste Weltumsegelung]
magic of the inexpressible, The
Mahabodhi Temple [Bodh Gaya, Bihar, India]
Mahler, Gustav
Mahler, Gustav [for] [Zeichnungen und Collagen, 2013/2014/2015]
Mahler [Gustav-Mahler-Treppe, Kassel]
Mahler [Gustav-Mahler-Platz, Berlin] [Foto]
Mailbox [NYC] [Zeichnungen und Collagen, 2013/2014/2015]
Mal vu mal dit [Samuel Beckett, 1981]
Mal vu mal dit [Art Stream]
Mallarmé, Stéphane [1842-1898] [Un coup de dés jamais n'abolira le hasard, 1897]
Malcolm X [1925-1965]
Malerei/Schrift [malen/schreiben]
Malerei [painting]
Malerei/Raum/Musik [Music for Mark Rothko, re—issue 2014]
Malformation [Missbildung, Fehlbildung]
Manhattan Box [for Tamara Laï, tell-a-mouse]
Manhattan Transfer [1925] [John Dos Passos 1896-1970]
Manhattan [Foto]
Manuel de Falla [1876-1946] [The Three-Cornered Hat, 1919]
Manutius, Aldus [1449-1515]
Maps [TWENTYTWENTY Bilderzyklus]
Maps [TWENTYTWENTY, three Bilderzyklus]
Marbot, Sir Andrew [1801-1830] [Wolfgang Hildesheimer]
Margaritis, Gilles [Beckett, Disfunktionalität]
Maritain, Jacques [Art and Scholasticism]
Markevitch, Igor [for]
Mars [Giovanni Schiaparelli] Canali [Foto] Canali II [Foto]
Marseille [Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur]
Marx, Jeff [1951-2013] [Saxophonist; 'Treading Air Breathing Fire'; 'Dreamstuff' with Jeff 'Siege' Siegel]
Marx, Karl [1818-1883] [Das Kapital]
Marx, Karl [I am nothing but I must be everything. — Karl Marx, Critique of Hegel's Philosophy of Right]
Masada [John Zorn; Asher Ginzberg 1856-1927; Radical Jewish Culture; Klezmer; Tzadik]
Masken [Zeichnunen, Objekte]
Masken [ghosts; good and evil] [montage] [Foto]
Masken [Between ashes [Cave, Time, Cliff, Cosmos, Ship, Sound, Tree, Water] [Exterritorial Art Project]
Material consciousness
Materiality of the objects
Matisse, Henri [Stencil, Zeichnungen, 2013]
Max/MSP [Train Sonor, re—issue 2014]
Max/MSP [Listening I and II, for Jesse Glass]
Max/MSP [Musik für Schlagzeug, Klavier, Elekrtonik und Tonband, re—issue 2014]
Max/MSP [musique trouvé Serie]
Max/MSP [The Absolute is Passage]
McLuhan, Marshall ['the global village', 'the medium is the message']
md-player [Beginnings Part I, re—issue, 2015]
Meaning and Writing of Chinese Characters [Chinesische Schriftzeichen]
meaningful meaningless [Zeichnungen] — 32 x 28 cm (12.6 x 11 inches) — Bilderzyklus [2013]
Meditation [Buddhism] [Staring at walls] [Beckett]
Meditation sickness [Mindfulness or Mindlessness, Robert H. Sharf]
Méditation/zéro [TWENTYTWENTY Bilderzyklus]
Meditationes [René Descartes, 1596-1650]
Mehringdamm [Berlin-Kreuzberg] [Foto]
Mehringdamm [Berlin-Kreuzberg] [Foto]
Mein Werk zerfällt zu Staub [Zeichnungen und Collagen, 2013/2014/2015]
Melancholia [Robert Burton, Albrecht Dürer]
Melancholie [Panofsky, Saxl, Klibansky]
Melancholie [the optimism of melancholia]
Melville, Herman [Moby-Dick; or, The Whale, 1851; Bartleby, the Scrivener: A Story of Wall-Street, 1853]
Melville, Herman [Zeichnungen und Collagen, 2013/2014/2015]
Mendoza, Ryan [Rosa Parks house, Detroit/Wedding] · Galerie öffnen
Mensch, Der [Antonin Artaud, Joseph Beuys, Giovanni Pico della Mirandola, James Joyce, Montaigne]
Merleau-Ponty, Maurice [1908-1961] [Phänomenologie]
Mescalin [Henri Michaux]
Messiaen, Olivier [Instruments, re—issue 2014]
Metamorphosieren [metamorphosiert] [Ovid, Joseph Beuys] [00'27''] · mp3
Metamorphose [Ovid, Beuys, Cage, Joyce, Emma Goldman, Sun Ra, Monteverdi]
Metaphern [Wahrnehmung, metaphorisches Gebäude]
Methoden des Schreibens [download, 68 KB]
Michaux, Henri [1899-1984] [Mescalin paintings, ink and watercolour works]
Miles Ahead [Miles Davis, Gil Evans, 1957]
Milky Way, visible [219 million stars]
Mind Control [Media, Television]
Mingus, Charles [for] [TWENTYTWENTY Bilderzyklus] und [Zeichnungen und Collagen, 2013/2014/2015]
Mingus, Charles [for] [Zeichnungen] — 32 x 28 cm (12.6 x 11 inches) — Bilderzyklus [2013]
Mingus, Charles [for] Zeichnungen] [Foto]
Mingus, Charles [one]
Mingus, Charles [two]
mingu[S]cript [Foto]
Mink, Louis ['Art Without Artists' in: John Cage, Liberations: new essays on the humanities in revolution. Edited by Ihab Hassan. Wesleyan University Press, 1971]
Mink, Louis [A Finnegans Wake Gazetteer]
Mink, Louis [Liberation[s], Bilderzyklus, 2015]
Mink, Louis [with George Koehler, Louis Mink Duos, re—issue, 2014]
mirrors/flipside I & II, 68’36’’ for A.S., 75’34’’ for A.C.
Misinformation age [Ghosts]
Mistral, Frédéric [1830-1914] [Lou tresor dóu Félibrige, 1878]
Mistral [Provence, Rhonetal, Côte d’Azur]
Mistral [Aurassos, Cisampo, Cierzo, Maestrale, Maïstrali, Maestral, Cers]
Mizwot [Tora, 613 Ge- und Verbote]
Mobile II [nest; free-moving sculpture] [Berlin] [Foto]
Mobile II [nest; free-moving sculpture] [Berlin] [Foto]
Moby-Dick [1851] [Herman Melville]
Moleskine [Notebooks; Bruce Chatwin, The Songlines, 'the Chatwin syndrome', Paper: dirt cheap]
MoMA [Museum of Modern Art, NY]
momentariness [transitoriness]
mondialisation [worldwide-isation, globalisation]
Money [global financial meltdown]
Money [Wallet] [Foto]
Moondog [Louis Hardin, The viking of 6th avenue]
Monk, Ray [Ludwig Wittgenstein]
Monologue (George Koehler, voice) [Beginnings Part I, re—issue 2015]
Monologue [imagination dead imagine; nach Beckett]
monumentality of smallness [TWENTYTWENTY Bilderzyklus]
Montage [Charles Ives]
Montage [Soviet montage theory, Sergei Eisenstein]
Montage-Paintings [Bilderzyklus, 2013/2014]
Montaigne, Michel Eyquem de [1533-1592]
Montaigne, Michel Eyquem de [Apology for Raimond Sebond; 'When I play with my cat...']
Montaigne, Michel Eyquem de [Reitunfall, Todesreflexionen]
Montaigne, Michel Eyquem de [Étienne de La Boëtie; Von der freiwilligen Knechtschaft des Menschen; Discours de la servitude volontaire, 1574]
Monteverdi, Claudio [1567-1643]
Monteverdi, Claudio [Madrigali guerrieri et amorosi; L'Orfeo; Tirsi e Clori; Combattimento di Tancredi e Clorinda; L’incoronazione di Poppea]
Monteverdi/Berlin Serie I-VI [Bilderzyklus, 2014]
Monteverdi, Claudio [for] [TWENTYTWENTY Bilderzyklus] und [Zeichnungen und Collagen, 2013/2014/2015]
Monteverdi [und Charles Ives]
Monteverdi [Lost in contemplation] [Foto]
Monteverdi Projekt [2015/2014/2013]
Montmajour, Abbaye de [Route de Fontvieille, 13200 Arles, France]
Montmajour [Sound environment for the Abbaye de Montmajour]
Montpellier [Midi-Pyrénées, Languedoc-Roussillon]
Montpellier [Trace/Duchamp] [Foto]
Montpellier [Midi Libre] [Foto]
Mont Ventoux [Vaucluse, Provence]
Mont Ventoux [Frédéric Mistral; Jean-Henri Fabre; Francesco Petrarca]
Moran and Mack [Two Black Crows, blackface comedy act]
Moreau, Jeanne [1928-2017] [Ascenseur pour l'échafaud; Jules et Jim; La Mariée était en noir]
Moreau, Jeanne [François Truffaut; Louis Malle]
Moriyama, Daido [Photographer, Tokyo]
Morris, Charles William [Signs, Language, and Behavior]
Morton, Timothy [Percy Bysshe Shelley, Hyperobjects, Ecological Thought]
Mott Street [Manhattan]
Moulin, Jean [1899-1943] [Résistance] [Saint-Andiol, Bouches-du-Rhône]
mouth organ [Khene, instrument, Laos]
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus [1756-1791]
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus [Klarinettenkonzert in A-Dur KV 622] [Sydney Pollack, Out of Africa, 1985; Jean-Luc Godard, A bout de souffle, 1959]
Müdigkeit [Erschöpfung, Schwäche]
Muffin, und aß einen [...]
Müll [Waste, Garbage]
multitude of centers [John Cage]
Multiversum [Multiverse, String Theory]
Mumbai [Bombay] [India]
Mumbai [Bombay] [India] [estimated city population of 18.4 million]
Mündigkeit [Selbstbestimmung, Theodor W. Adorno]
Munken Pure [Papier]
Museumsinsel [Berlin] [Bird] [Foto]
Mushroom [Büdingen, Hessen] [Foto]
Mushroom economy [Box]
Mushroom Label [Foto]
musical objects
Music for Mark Rothko [re—issue 2014]
Music for prepared piano I [2010 version]
musicfont [The Absolute is Passage, 2010/2011/2012]
Musik für Schlagzeug, Klavier, Elektronik und Tonband [re—issue 2014]
Musil, Robert [Der Mann ohne Eigenschaften]
musique trouvé xxxiv
musique trouvé xxxvi
musique trouvé [recordings, CD edition]
musique trouvé Studio, Frankfurt am Main (Germany)
Mussorgsky, Modest [Pictures at an Exhibition, 1874]
Myrick, Julian [Ives & Myrick; Ives & Co, 1907] [Charles Ives]
Mythical creature [Berlin] [Foto]
Mythical creatures [Zeichnungen und Collagen, 2013/2014/2015]
Mythologiques [Claude Lévi-Strauss]

Nabokov, Vladimir [1899-1977] [Götter; Die Venezianerin, Erzählungen 1921-1924]
Nagarjuna [Die Lehre von der Mitte, Mula-madhyamaka-karika]
Nambikwara [Claude Lévi-Strauss]
Nancarrow, Conlon [1912-1997] [for]
Nearing, Guy [North American Mycological Society]
Needham, Joseph [1900-1995] [Science and Civilisation in China]
Negri, Antonio [operaismo]
Neoclassicism [Neoclassical]
Neptune ['god of the sea' from Latin Neptunus]
Neptunbrunnen [Remisenhof Klein-Glienicke, Berlin] [Ernst Rietschel] [Foto]
Nest [mobile II; free-moving sculpture] [Berlin] [Foto]
Nest [mobile II; free-moving sculpture] [Berlin] [Foto]
Network [Experimental Artists Network] [Berlin]
Nevelson, Louise [for]
Newark [New Jersey] [Newark Airport, Komposition, 2005]
New York Is Full of Lonely People [Art Ensemble of Chicago; 'Urban Bushmen']
New York Surveillance Camera Players [scp]
New York City [argonauts — 5-disc set, re—mastered & re—issued 2015/2017]
New York City [Central Park in the Dark, 1906] [Charles Ives]
New York City [The Chase Manhattan Bank Plaza] [Jean Dubuffet] [Foto]
New York City [Empire State Building, 350 5TH AVE.] [Foto]
New York City [Fence, 2010] [Foto]
New York City [Fotografien 1991, 2009, 2010, 2011, TWENTYTWENTY Bilderzyklus]
New York City [There are two kinds of New Yorkers, the ones who could never leave and the other ones.]
New York City [Rooftop Water Tank] [TWENTYTWENTY, two Bilderzyklus]
New York City [N.Y.] [TWENTYTWENTY, four Bilderzyklus]
New York City [No one should come to New York to live unless he is willing to be lucky. E.B. White]
New York City [New York will bestow the gift of loneliness and the gift of privacy. E.B. White]
Nicht-Kommunikation, Die Kraft der [Subversive Stille]
Night Shelter
Nitrofrottage [Frottage, Monotypie]
Nobody [to be Nobody Is to be considered disposable] [Neoliberalism; Class System]
Nobody [to be Nobody is to be subject to state violence] [Oppression]
NO!art [Dietmar Kirves, Berlin; Clayton Patterson, New York]
Noise [musique trouvé Serie]
nonfinito [Non finito; Plato, Michelangelo, Rodin, Beuys]
Nonlinear systems [nonlinear models]
Nono, Luigi [1924-1990]
Nono, Luigi [A Carlo Scarpa, architetto, ai suoi infiniti possibili per orchestra a microintervalli, 1984]
Nordin, Ingvar Loco [Two Places, re—issue 2014]
Notations [Writings]
Notsignal-Schalter [Berlin] [Foto]
Noves [Département Bouches-du-Rhône] [Provence]
Noves [Cabannes]
now, attention to [psychedelic aesthetics, prereflective]
Number 32 [Jackson Pollock, 1950]
N 5th, Brooklyn [Foto]

Obedience and conformity [control society, William S. Burroughs]
Objet trouvé [found object] [TWENTYTWENTY Installation]
Objet trouvé [Umbrella, Berlin] [Foto]
Odysseus [argonauts — 5-disc set, re—mastered & re—issued 2015/2017]
Odysseus [Homer; Ilias, Odyssee]
oiseaux oiseaux [Gouache on dictionary page] [Drawing]
Olivenbaum [Olea europaea]
Olivenbaum [Joseph Beuys, Olivestone, 1984]
Olivenbaum [Vincent van Gogh, The Olive Trees, 1889]
Olmsted, Frederick Law [1822-1903] [Central Park, New York City]
Ondes Martenot [electronic instrument invented in 1928 by Maurice Martenot] [Olivier Messiaen; Jean Laurendeau]
Online Exhibition[s] [Between ashes [Cave, Time, Cliff, Cosmos, Ship, Sound, Tree, Water] [Exterritorial Art Project]
Online Exhibition[s] [Lost in contemplation, 2015]
Online Exhibition[s] [apollo in a parking lot, 2013, London/Berlin]
Oppenheimer, Robert [Manhattan Project, Los Alamos] [Foto]
Oppenheimer, Robert [Doctor Atomic, Oper, John Adams/Peter Sellars, 2005]
Orange, A Clockwork [Stanley Kubrick, 1971] [London, Antipsychiatrie, Gehirnwäsche, Beethoven, Rossini, Purcell, Wendy Carlos]
Oranienburger Strasse [Berlin Mitte]
Order vs. chaos
Ordnung der Dinge, Die [Michel Foucault]
Ordre-Désordre [sonorité sans mémoire I]
Opera Passage [Vienna] [Foto]
Opium [Schlafmohn, Papaver somniferum, Bewegungslosigkeit]
Orpheus [...]
ortsbezogene Arbeiten [Berlin, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Philadelphia, Detroit, Frankfurt am Main, London]
Oscillator [The Absolute is Passage]
Osram [Berlin, Photographs, 2015]
outside explanation, work is [...]
Outsider/Insider [png]
Outsider, The [1926, H. P. Lovecraft]

Pacific 231 [Mouvement symphonique Nr. 1; 1923] [Arthur Honegger]
Painting and Shoes [Zeichnungen und Collagen, 2013/2014/2015]
painting should, A

Paint ten thousand paintings and... Artist Statement [II]
Parks, Rosa [1913-2005] [Montgomery Bus Boycott; Alabama; Rosa Parks refused to ride on segregated buses]
Parks, Rosa [House, Detroit/Wedding; Ryan Mendoza] · Galerie öffnen
Partch, Harry [1901-1974]
Partch, Harry [for] [Harry Partch war ein mutiger Mann/Harry Partch was a courageous man; Zeichnungen/Collagen, April 2015]
Partch, Harry [Cloud Chamber Bowls] [Foto]
Partch, Harry [Delusion of the Fury, 1969]
Partch, Harry [Delusion of the Fury, Heiner Goebbels, Ensemble musikFabrik, Ruhrtriennale 2013]
Partch, Harry [Diamond Marimba] [Foto]
Partch, Harry [The Genesis of a Music]
Partch, Harry [The Outsider]
Parthenon [Tempel für die Stadtgöttin Pallas Athena Parthenos; Phidias]
Partho Das [for] [Black painting] [Details]
Pascal, Blaise [Gedanken, Pensées]
Pascal, Blaise [Wette, Pascalsche; Pensées, Gedanken, 'Es ist schwer, die Existenz Gottes aus natürlichen Erkenntnisquellen zu beweisen; aber es ist sehr sicher, an ihn zu glauben']
Pascal, Blaise [Éric Rohmer, Ma nuit chez Maud, 1969]
Pascal, Blaise [Zerstreuung, Unruhe]
Pattern [musicfont] [The Absolute is Passage, 2010/2011/2012]
Pattern [Music for Mark Rothko, 2007]
Pattern [The Beauty of Found Music, for JC, 2007/2008]
Pattern [Steve Reich, Terry Riley, Philip Glass, John Adams]
Paterson [Paterson, New Jersey]
Paterson [epic poem by William Carlos Williams, 1946-1958]
paysage musicaux [sonorité sans mémoire I]
Paz, Octavio [for]
Paz, Octavio [Pachuco; Mexico, America]
peacock's eye [Pfauenauge] [Foto]
pear [Foto]
peintre de l'avenir, le [Yves Klein]
Peinture automatique I [Foto]
Peinture automatique II [Foto]
Peirce, Charles Sanders
Peirce, Charles Sanders [Entwurf und Zufall, 1884]
Peirce, Charles Sanders [Evolutionäre Liebe, 1893]
Peirce, Charles Sanders [Religionsphilosophische Schriften, Vom Nutzen der Einsamkeit, 1860]
Peirce, Charles Sanders [Semiosis]
Pentaquark [Gebilde aus fünf Quark-Teilchen]
Pernes-les-Fontaines [Provence, Vaucluse] [Foto]
Pernes-les-Fontaines [Provence, Vaucluse] [Foto]
Pérotin [Perotinus]
Pérotin [Zeichnungen und Collagen, 2013/2014/2015]
Persephone [...]
Personal Fabrication [3D Printing, Neil Gershenfeld]
Petrarca, Francesco [for]
Petrarca, Francesco [1304-1374] [Photographs, 2012/2015, Berlin—Detroit]
Petrarca, Francesco [Berlin, Photographs, 2015]
Perkussion [for]
Perkussion [The Absolute is Passage, 2010/2011/2012]
Permutations [Writings]
Pfauenauge [peacock's eye] [Foto]
Pfaueninsel [Schloss und Landschaftsgarten] [Berlin] [Foto]
Pfaueninsel [Schloss und Landschaftsgarten] [Berlin] [ [Foto]
Pflastersteine [Berlin] [Foto]
Philadelphia [Zeichnungen und Collagen, 2013/2014/2015]
Philadelphia [TWENTYTWENTY Bilderzyklus]
Philadelphia [Sun Ra]
Philosophische Grammatik [Ludwig Wittgenstein]
Photographs [2012/2015, Berlin—Detroit]
Picasso, Pablo [Plakat] [Man with a straw hat and an ice-cream, 1938] [Foto]
Pico della Mirandola, Giovanni [De hominis dignitate. Über die Würde des Menschen.]
Pico della Mirandola, Gianfrancesco [De imaginatione. Über die Vorstellung.]
Piero della Francesca [um 1420-1492] [La Resurrezione] [Camus, Der Mensch in der Revolte]
Piroggi [gefüllte Teigtaschen; Polen, Tschechien, Slowakei, Ukraine, Weißrussland, Russland]
Pilze [John Cage, Guy Nearing, North American Mycological Society]
Pilze [Shoes and Polypores]
Pistoletto, Michelangelo [for]
Place [Berlin] [Photographs, 2015/2016]
Places [Louis Mink, Joyce, Finnegans Wake] [Louis Mink Duos, re—issue, 2014]
Places, Two [Part I and Part II, for Matthew Rogalsky]
Places, Two [re—issue 2014]
plainness [Schlichtheit, Testimony of Simplicity, Quakers, Shakers, Quilts]
Plakat [Pablo Picasso, Man with a straw hat and an ice-cream, 1938] [Foto]
Platon [Timaios, Theaitetos, Briefe]
Plato's Cave [Politeia; Parable of the Cave, Allegory of the Cave]
Pliny the Elder [Gaius Plinius Secundus; Natural History]
Plurality or multiplicity of interacting factors [Buddhism]
Poe, Edgar Allan [Stencil, Zeichnungen, 2013]
Poetry Of Earth, The [Leonard Bernstein, Norton Lectures, 1973]
Polaroids [visible]
Pollock, Jackson [black paintings]
Pollock, Jackson [JP's studio floor]
Pollock, Jackson [all-over]
Polyphony [Music for Mark Rothko, re—issue 2014]
Polyrhythm [Stravinsky]
Popley, Herbert A. [The Music of India, 1921]
poor door [side entrance for lower-income, urban segregation, housing]
Portrait of the Artist as a Young Ape [Butor]
Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man [Joyce]
Portrait of an Artist, as an Old Man (Joseph Heller)
Portrait of the Artist as a Young Dog [Dylan Thomas]
Portrait [A Portrait of the Artist as a Young...]
Portrait [Self-] [Train Sonor, re—issue 2014]
Poseidon [Neptun] [griechische Mythologie, Gott des Meeres] [Neptunbrunnen, Ernst Rietschel] [Foto]
Postcard pieces [The postcard as a conceptual art work]
Potsdamer Straße [Berlin] [Foto]
Pound, Ezra [1885-1972]
Prepared Piano [Improvisation for prepared piano]
Prepared Piano [The Beauty of Found Music, re—issue, 2015]
Prison [Berlin] [Foto]
Privacy [The Right to Privacy] [Samuel D. Warren, Louis D. Brandeis] [Surveillance] [Photographs, 2017]
Prologue two | argo [four] [argonauts — 5-disc set, re—mastered & re—issued 2015/2017]
Prospero's Books [Shakespeare, The Tempest, final soliloquy and epilogue]
Protest [Berlin] [20. September bis 11. Oktober 2019] [Fotos]
Pro Tools [Software] [musique trouvé Serie]
Proudhon, Pierre-Joseph [1809-1865]
Proust, Marcel [À la recherche du temps perdu; Auf der Suche nach der verlorenen Zeit]
Psilocybin [Halluzinogen, psychotrope Substanz]
Purcell, Henry [Dido and Aeneas, King Arthur, The Fairy Queen]
Purifoy, Noah S. [1917-2004; artist and sculptor; assemblage]

Quark [Elementarteilchen, Murray Gell-Mann, George Zweig]
Quarks [Three quarks for Muster Mark — Joyce, Finnegans Wake. Book 2, Episode 4, Page 383]
Quartet [Text piece for 4 voices]
Quatuor pour la fin du temps [Olivier Messiaen]

Radio [Instruments, re—issue 2014]
Radio [Louis Mink Duos, re—issue, 2014]
Radio [Sound Lecture, re—issue 2014]
Radioswitch [The Absolute is Passage, 2010/2011/2012]
rag, simply another
[TWENTYTWENTY Bilderzyklus] und [Zeichnungen und Collagen, 2013/2014/2015]
Raga [Indian classical music, the act of colouring or dyeing, Sanskrit]
Raga [Melodiemodell]
Raga [Raga Krithi, Raga Malkauns, Raga Todi, Raga Hindolam, Raga Bhairavi, Raga Kambhoji, Raga Kalyani, Raga Mohanam, Raga Lalit]
Raga [Ravi Shankar] [Raga Jogeshwari, Raga Malkauns, Raga Khamaj, Raga Parameshwari, Raga Jog, Raga Bhimpalasi, Raga Mishra Piloo, etc.]
Ragtime [Scott Joplin; Maple Leaf Rag, 1899; The Entertainer, 1902; E. L. Doctorow]
Rai, Raghu [*1942, Indian photographer] [Trees]
Raindance Foundation [New York] [Frank Gillette, Ira Schneider] [Radical Software] [Video]
Ralph Avenue [Brooklyn]
Rameau, Jean-Philippe [1683-1764] [musikalisches Genie]
Rameau, Jean-Philippe [Anacréon, Castor et Pollux, Dardanus, Platée, Zoroastre, Les Boréades]
Ramuz, Charles Ferdinand [1878-1947] [Histoire du soldat; Igor Strawinsky]
Ranjani and Gayatri [Carnatic vocalists and violinists; Indian classical music]
Raummusik [Charles Ives]
Raummusik [Music for Mark Rothko, re—issue 2014]
Rauschenberg, Robert
Rauschenberg, Robert [for] [Improvisation for prepared piano]
Ravi Shankar [for]
Ravi Shankar [Sitar] [Raga] [Hindustani classical music]
Ravi Shankar [Allauddin Khan]
Ravi Shankar [Philip Glass]
Ravi Shankar [Yehudi Menuhin]
Reality tunnel [Timothy Leary, Robert Anton Wilson]
reclusive artist, The
record sleeves [Zeichnungen und Collagen, 2013/2014/2015]
Recordings [re—issued 2014/2015]
Recordings [unheard music archive berlin]
red cord [Sled, J.B., O.W., TWENTYTWENTY Installation]
Red Cube [Sculpture, Isamu Noguchi, 1968; 140 Broadway, Lower Manhattan]
Red Cube [Zeichnungen und Collagen, 2013/2014/2015]
Reflection [Berlin] [Foto]
re-humanized aesthetic [Rauschenberg]
Reich, Steve [for]
Reich, Steve [sculpture typographique]
Reich, Steve [Drumming, 1970-71; Music for Mallet Instruments, Voices and Organ, 1973; Music for 18 Musicians, 1974-76; Tehillim for voices and ensemble, 1981]
Reinhardt, Ad [1913-1967]
Reinhardt, Ad [for]
re—issued 2017 [Argonauts — 5-disc set, re—mastered & re—issued 2015/2017]
re—issued 2014/2015 one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine | ten
Reitunfall [Michel de Montaigne, Todesreflexionen]
Religionsphilosophische Schriften [Charles Sanders Peirce]
Rembrandt van Rijn [Porträt der Vorsteher der Tuchmacherzunft, Stencil, Zeichnungen, 2013]
Reprogramming Life, Deprogramming Minds [Mark C. Taylor]
resistance [Writings]
revenir bredouille [Zeichnungen]
Revolution sind wir, Die [Joseph Beuys]
Richardson, Timothy W. [Chinesische Schriftzeichen]
Riis, Jacob [1849-1914] [documentary photographer, New York City,Lower East Side, How the Other Half Lives 1890]
Ripple [a] [ripple, wave] [Gouache on dictionary page] [Drawing]
Ripple [a] [ripple, wave] [Gouache on dictionary page] [Drawing]
Ripple [ripple, wave] [Gouache on paper] [Drawing]
Roach, Hal [1892-1992] [Hal Roach Studios]
Robbe-Grillet [Grotesques, re—issue, 2014]
Rockmore, Clara [1911-1998] [Theremin]
Rooftop Water Tanks [Zeichnungen und Collagen, 2013/2014/2015]
Rooftop Water Tank [N.Y.] [TWENTYTWENTY, two Bilderzyklus]
Rogalsky, Matthew [for] [Two Places, re—issue 2014]
Rose [Foto]
Rosebud [Citizen Kane; Orson Welles; Childhood]
Rosebud [Charles Foster Kane is on his deathbed, holding a snow globe, he utters a word, 'Rosebud', and dies.]
Rosebud [The trade name of the sled on which the eight-year-old Charles Foster Kane was playing on the day that he was taken from his home.]
Rosenbach Museum and Library [Philadelphia]
Rothko, Mark [Music for Mark Rothko, re—issue 2014]
Ryman, Robert [for]

Said, Edward W. [Beginnings Part I, re—issue 2015]
Saint-Andiol [Jean Moulin, 1899-1943] [Résistance] [Provence, Bouches-du-Rhône]
sand bit long still [Writings]
Sandy [Hurricane, 2012] [Tropical cyclones and climate change] [New York City]
Sanhedrin [ancient Jewish court system]
sans domicile fixe [homeless person]
São Paulo [Brasilien]
Satoh, Michihiro [Tsugaru-jamisen]
Saturn [Sun Ra]
Saturno devorando a un hijo [Saturn Devouring His Son, Francisco de Goya]
Sault [Vaucluse] [Foto]
Savignyplatz [Berlin-Charlottenburg] [Foto]
Scarlatti, Domenico [1685-1757]
Schiaparelli, Giovanni [Canali [Mars] [Foto] Canali II [Mars] [Foto]
Schlagzeug [Musik für Schlagzeug, Klavier, Elekrtonik und Tonband, re—issue 2014]
Schlesisches Tor [Berlin, U-Bahn Station]
Schlesisches Tor [Berlin] [Entrance] [Foto]
Schlitten [Sled] [J.B., O.W., TWENTYTWENTY Installation]
Schlossstrasse [Berlin, Steglitz] [Foto]
Schnürsenkel [Beuys, Postkarte] [Foto]
School Days [2010] [Boxes]
Scholem, Gershom [1897-1982] [Zur Kabbala und ihrer Symbolik, Tagebücher, Sabbatai Zwi]
Schönberg, Arnold [1874-1951]
Schönberg, Arnold [Kriegs-Wolken Tagebuch, 1914]
Schöpferische Zerstörung [Joseph Schumpeter, Theorie der wirtschaftlichen Entwicklung, 1912]
Schostakowitsch, Dmitri [1906-1975]
Schriftzeichen [chinesische] [Zeichnungen und Collagen, 2013/2014/2015]
Schwitters, Kurt [1887-1948] [Collage]
Scienza Nuova [Giambattista Vico, 1725]
scrap of paper [Zeichnungen und Collagen, 2013/2014/2015]
scriptus, autograph [Zeichnungen] — 32 x 28 cm (12.6 x 11 inches) — Bilderzyklus [2013]
Sculptures [2015]
sculpture typographique [experimental typography]
sculpture [Sketch for sculpture, Gouache on paper, 2018]
Sculthorpe, Peter [1929-2014]
Sculthorpe, Peter [String quartet No. 8, 1969] [Goldner String Quartet, 1996; Kronos Quartet, 1986]
Seamless [fugenlos, ohne Naht]
Seamless Paper [Seamless Background Paper, Backdrops]
Selbstelektrifizierung/Selbstinszenierung [Joseph Beuys]
Selbstbefragung [Zwang, Überwachung, Kontrolle]
Self-Portrait [Train Sonor, re—issue 2014]
Sénanque, Abbaye Notre-Dame de
Sennett, Mack [1880-1960] [Slapstick, Kid Comedies]
Serra, Richard [Tilted Arc, 1981-1989]
Serres, Michel [*1930] [Die fünf Sinne. Eine Philosophie der Gemenge und Gemische]
Serenade op. 24 [1921-23, Arnold Schönberg, Tänze, Walzer und Ländler]
Shadow [Potsdamer Straße, Berlin] [Foto]
Shahinda [Indian Music, 1914]
Shakers [Shaking Quakers, Maine, USA]
Shakespeare, William [The Tempest, Hamlet, Coriolanus, The Sonnets]
Shelf Fungi [Shoes and Polypores]
Shenzhen [Guangdong province, China]
Shibari, Kinbaku [Binden, Schnüren, straffes Festbinden; straffes Fesseln; Matanawa; Japan]
Ship [two] [Gouache on paper] [Drawing]
Ship [eight] [Gouache on paper] [Drawing]
Shoe [png]
Shoes [Foto]
Shoes [dead shoes] [corner] [Foto]
Shoes [and Polypores]
Shoes [excluded] [Foto]
Shoes [excluded] [Foto]
Shoes [Painting and Shoes, Zeichnungen und Collagen, 2014]
Shoes [sauntering, walking, to stroll, TWENTYTWENTY Installation]
Shoes [Lost in contemplation]
Shoes [Walk, one] [Gouache on music paper] [Foto]
Shoes [Walk, two] [Gouache on music paper] [Foto]
Shofar [Shofar-blowing, mirrors/flipside I & II]
Shômyô [Buddhist Ritual Chant] [Train Sonor, re—issue 2014]
Shostakovich, Dmitri [1906-1975]
shuffle-mode aesthetics [randomized order, random playback, Fisher–Yates shuffle, Ronald Fisher and Frank Yates]
Shusui, Kotoku [anarchist]
Sidewalk Cracks [Zeichnungen, 2014]
Silence cave [Gouache on dictionary page] [Drawing]
Silence [Silence/Stories, 66 pages · download, 2.3 MB]
Silence [Lecture on art, without words, one]
Silicon Valley [Silicon Money]
Sound Lecture [I, II, IIIa, IV, 2002]
Sound [Between ashes, 2019] [Cave, Time, Cliff, Cosmos, Ship, Sound, Tree, Water]
Silicon age [Zeichnungen, 2014]
Silicon Valley [hack everything ontology, nothing has inherent value, everything is manipulable]
Silvacane, Abbaye de [13640 La Roque-D'anthéron, France]
simply another rag [TWENTYTWENTY Bilderzyklus] und [Zeichnungen und Collagen, 2013/2014/2015]
Since everything lies open to view there is nothing to explain [Music for claves (Klangstäbe) and female voice]
Sinclair, Upton [1878-1968] [The Jungle, 1906; Boston, 1928]
Singer, Alvy [Annie Hall, 1977]
Sinkers [Projekt: doughnuts, sinkers, record sleeves]
Sirens [part of the Train Sonor project]
Sled [Schlitten] [J.B., O.W., TWENTYTWENTY Installation]
sleeping rough [Zeichnungen und Collagen, 2013/2014/2015]
Slimbach, Robert [Adobe Systems]
smallness, monumentality of [TWENTYTWENTY Bilderzyklus]
Smith, David [1906-1965]
Smith, David [Cubes and Anarchy]
Smith, David [Drawings in Space]
Smith, David [for] [Brooklyn] [Foto]
Smith, Harry E. [1923-1991] [Chelsea Hotel]
Smith, Jack [1932-1989] [Flaming Creatures, 1962/63; Normal Love, 1963; Scotch Tape, 1961]
Smith, Jack [Lower East Side; María Montez; Cobra Woman]
Socrate [the radical instability of categories] [Photographs, 2016 — Berlin]
Soft Machine [Third 1970, Fourth 1971, Fifth 1972, Six 1973]
Software is eating the world [Heidegger: ‘technological enframing’]
Sokrates [Mäeutik, Dialogtechnik, Hebammenkunst]
Soliloquia [Augustinus]
Soliloquies [Shakespeare, Montaigne]
Sondheim, Alan [*1943]
Sondheim, Alan [For Alan Sondheim, Gouache on paper]
Sondheim, Alan [Prespace, 2005] [Foto]
Sondheim, Alan [Unbalanced, 2005] [Foto]
Sondheim, Alan [ski/nn, 2006] [Foto]
Sonoloco CD review by Ingvar Loco Nordin [Two Places, re—issue 2014]
sonorité sans mémoire I
sophrosyne [Besonnenheit, Platon, Charmides]
sound assemblage [espace intermédiaire]
Sound [one] [Gouache on book page] [Drawing]
Sound [two] [Gouache on book page] [Drawing]
SO 36 [Berlin, Kreuzberg]
space/Berlin [Foto]
space/brush [Painting]
spectrality [ghosts; ghostly presence-absence] [Derrida]
Spinoza [Baruch de Spinoza; 1632-1677]
Splash [Foto]
Spongefork [The Absolute is Passage]
Spongefork [Listening I and II, for Jesse Glass]
Spongefork [The Beauty of Found Music, re—issue, 2015]
Sputnik [Berliner Fernsehturm]
Sputnik [Kugel, Satellit, Antenne, Funksender, Rakete, Juri Gagarin]
Stairs/Treppe [Foto]
Standardized thinking leads to a standardized world [Serie TWENTYTWENTY, two Bilderzyklus]
Steam NYC [Zeichnungen und Collagen, 2013/2014/2015]
Steglitz [Berlin]
Steglitzer Kreisel [Foto]
Stein, Gertrude [1874-1946] [Everybody's Autobiography, 1937]
Steinau an der Strasse [Main-Kinzig-Kreis, Hessen]
Stein [Stone] [Büdingen, Hessen] [Foto]
Steine [Goethe, Proust, Thoreau, Cage]
Steine [Leonardo da Vinci, Der Stein und seine Brüder]
Sterne, Laurence [for]
Störgeräusche [Glitch, Hazard] [Listening I and II, for Jesse Glass]
Strafarbeit [Kunst als Strafarbeit, Beckett]
Strangways, A.H. Fox [The Music Of Hindostan, 1965]
Stravinsky, Igor [1882-1971]
Stravinsky, Igor [for]
Stravinsky, Igor [Le sacre du printemps, 1913]
Stravinsky, Igor [sculpture typographique]
Stravinsky, Igor [Polytonalität/Polyrhythmik]
Stravinsky, Igor [Stravinsky, Stravinsky, Stravinsky, Stravinsky...] [png]
Stravinsky's wit
Streit’s Matzo [New York/Lower East Side]
Street [Berlin] [Foto]
Street [Berlin] [Foto]
Street [Berlin] [Foto]
Street I [Berlin] [Foto]
Street II [Berlin] [Foto]
Street [N.Y.] [TWENTYTWENTY, four Bilderzyklus]
Street [London, 2001] [Foto]
Street [London, 2001] [Foto]
Street piece I [water on road surface] [Foto]
Strings a+b [The Absolute is Passage, 2010/2011/2012]
String Theory [Leonard Susskind, Edward Witten, John Henry Schwarz, Gabriele Veneziano, Steven S. Gubser, Brian Greene]
String Theory [the second superstring revolution]
String Theory [theory of everything]
String Theory [string cosmology]
Studio [Berlin] [Foto]
Studio [Detroit] [Foto]
Study n°5 for György Ligeti [Grotesques, re—issue, 2014]
Stuff [a word that is a proper subsitute for any other word]
Sudden Shower [11:29] for electronics, flutes, percussion and tape recorder
Sugimoto, Koji [Hon Mincho]
Sun Ra [1914-1993, pianist, composer, arranger, big band leader, philosopher, afro futurist poet and citizen of Saturn]
Sun Ra [for] [Zeichnungen und Collagen, 2013/2014/2015]
Sun Ra [If they push that button, Nuclear War]
Sun Ra [Destination Unknown, 1993]
Sun Ra [Lanquidity, 1978]
Sun Ra [Pathways to Unknown Worlds, 1973]
Sun Ra [Outer Space Employment Agency]
Sun Ra [Space Is the Place, 1972]
Sun Ra [for] [Zeichnungen] — 32 x 28 cm (12.6 x 11 inches) — Bilderzyklus [2013]
Supernova [ASASSN-15lh]
Surveillance [Beckett]
Surveillance Capitalism [Shoshana Zuboff]
Surveillance [eye] [Photographs, 2017]
Surveillance [eye] [Foto]
Surveillance [eye] [Foto]
Surveillance [eye] [Foto]
Surveillance [eye] [Foto]
Surveillance [eye] [Foto]
Surveillance [eye] [Foto]
Surveillance [eye] [Foto]
Surveillance [eye] [Foto]
Surveillance [apparatus, machine] [Foto]
Surveillance [New York Surveillance Camera Players]
Symphony No. 3 [The Camp Meeting] [Charles Ives]
Syncopation [Zeichnungen und Collagen, 2013/2014/2015]
syntactic distortion [E. E. Cummings]
Synthesis of the arts [all-embracing art form, total artwork]

Tabula Smaragdina [Smaragdtafel des Hermes Trismegistos]
Tachismus [la tache = Farbfleck]
Tagebücher [1914-1916] [Wittgenstein]
Tagore, Rabindranath [1861-1941] [Poet, philosopher, painter, composer, musician]
Take these everyday blasphemies and make them sacred again [Foto]
Takemitsu, Toru [Music in three Parts, for Toru Takemitsu, Pieces for modified Violin, 2000]
Tala [Indian classical music; clap, tapping one's hand on one's arm, a musical measure; rhythmischer Zyklus, rhythmische Struktur]
Tanaka, Ikko [Kohcho]
Tàpies, Antoni [for]
Taste for the Secret, A [with George Koehler]
Tehillim [Book of Psalms, 'praises', first book of 'Ketuvim', Torah]
Tehillim [Steve Reich, Tehillim for voices and ensemble, 1981]
Temperature [Sound Lecture · I · II · IIIa · IV]
Tenney, James [1934-2006] [Composer] [Eduard Steuermann, Lejaren Hiller, Kenneth Gaburo, Edgard Varèse, Harry Partch, John Cage]
Tewelde, Saba [Zusammenarbeit, Silence | Silence, Silence Song]
Tewelde, Saba [Silence Song]
Theatre 46 [umab]
Thema mit Variationen [Foto]
Theme de Yoyo [png]
Themerson, Franciszka [1907-1988]
Themerson, Stefan [1910-1988]
They will destroy the place with beauty [Zeichnungen und Collagen, 2013/2014/2015]
Thing I [Berlin] [Foto]
Thing II [Berlin] [Foto]
Things [Paintings]
Things Poem No. 20 [George Koehler] [png]
Third Mind, The [William Burroughs, Brion Gysin]
Thoreau, Henry David [Walking, Transcendentalism]
Tibetan horn [Dungchen]
Timaios [Platon]
time | time [Zeichnungen und Collagen, 2013/2014/2015]
Time [Augustinus/Time]
Time [Between ashes, 2019] [Cave, Time, Cliff, Cosmos, Ship, Sound, Tree, Water]
Time [Bergson, Proust, Marty McFly, Lee Smolin] [John Cage]
Time [Clock] [Gouache on dictionary page] [Drawing]
Time [Clock] [2xTime] [Gouache on book page] [Drawing]
Time [Clock] [Gouache on book page] [Drawing]
Time [constellations] [Foto]
Time [...if time never changed, it would not be time. — Saint Augustine, Confessiones] [Book XI, page 263]
Time [Kairos, Chronos]
Time [Petrarca] [Berlin, Photographs, 2015]
Time [Marcel Proust; À la recherche du temps perdu; Auf der Suche nach der verlorenen Zeit]
Time [Time can only be perceived or measured while it is passing. — Saint Augustine]
Time [The time is out of joint — Shakespeare, Hamlet, Act 1, Scene 5]
Time smoking a picture [Zeichnungen, 2013]
Timpani [Music for Mark Rothko, re—issue 2014]
Timpani [Instruments, re—issue 2014]
Timpani [Beginnings Part I, re—issue, 2015]
Tiqqun Olam [Tikkun Olam; Reparatur der Welt, Kabbala]
Tiqqun [französisches Autorenkollektiv, Comité Invisible]
Tobey, Mark [Foto]
Tools [Studio] [Foto]
Tomate [Solanum lycopersicum]
tonBAND montage[n]
Tonband [argonauts — 5-disc set, re—mastered & re—issued 2015/2017]
Tonband [Musik für Schlagzeug, Klavier, Elekrtonik und Tonband, re—issue 2014]
Tonband [Louis Mink Duos, re—issue, 2014]
Tontraube/Cluster [Music for Mark Rothko, re—issue 2014]
Topoemas [Octavio Paz; Topos + Poema]
Total Art [Gesamtkunstwerk]
Toy Symphony Part 2 [Beginnings Part I, re—issue 2015]
Tractatus logico-philosophicus [Ludwig Wittgenstein]
Tractatus 1 [Die Welt ist alles, was der Fall ist.]
Tractatus 3.01 [Die Gesamtheit der wahren Gedanken sind ein Bild der Welt.]
Tractatus 5.63 [Ich bin meine Welt.]
Tractatus 5.631 [Die Welt wie ich sie vorfand.]
Tractatus 6.373 [Die Welt ist unabhängig von meinem Willen.] [The world is independent of my will.]
Train Sonor [Etudes, Across the Grain]
Train Sonor [re—issue 2014]
Transhumanismus [Nietzsche, Also sprach Zarathustra; Eugenik; Raymond Kurzweil; Biohacking; Neil Harbisson; Silicon Valley]
Transitional moment between [Musik für Schlagzeug, Klavier, Elekrtonik und Tonband, re—issue 2014]
Transcendentalism [Henry D. Thoreau, Self-Reliance, Solitude, independent thinking]
Tree, Bodhi [Mahabodhi Temple in Bodh Gaya, Bihar, India]
Tree [Tree, for Charles Ives] [Drawing]
Tree [Drawing]
Tree [one] [Drawing]
Tree [two] [Drawing]
Tree [six] [Drawing]
Tree [eight] [Drawing]
Tree [nine] [Drawing]
Tree [eleven] [Drawing]
Tree [fourteen] [Drawing]
Trees [Branches, Zweige] [Berlin] [Photographs, 2016]
Trees [Raghu Rai; Robert Adams; Martin Stavars]
Trees [Two Trees I] [Drawing]
Trees [Two Trees II] [Drawing]
Tresor [Leipziger Strasse, Berlin] [Foto]
Triangle, Study for [Grotesques, re—issue, 2014]
Tristan-Akkord [Wagner, Tristan und Isolde, Vorspiel, Liebestod]
Tristes Tropiques [Claude Lévi-Strauss]
Truffaut, François [1932-1984]
Truffaut, François [Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Steven Spielberg, 1977] [François Truffaut as Claude Lacombe]
Tunnel [Berlin] [Foto]
Turing, Alan [1912-1954] [Turing machine, Turing switch, Enigma, Bletchley Park]
Turmstrasse [Berlin] [Foto]
Turntable [argonauts — 5-disc set, re—mastered & re—issued 2015/2017]
Turntable [Beginnings Part I, re—issue 2015]
Turntable [Sound Lecture, re—issue 2014]
Turntable [Instruments, re—issue 2014]
Turntable [Listening I and II, for Jesse Glass]
Turntable [The Absolute is Passage]
TWENTYTWENTY [one] [Bilderzyklus]
TWENTYTWENTY [two] [Bilderzyklus]
TWENTYTWENTY [three] [Bilderzyklus]
TWENTYTWENTY [four] [Bilderzyklus]
TWENTYTWENTY [Installation] [at Asia Contemporary Art Platform NON Berlin]
TWENTYTWENTY [shoes] [Foto]
Two Places
[Part I and Part II, for Matthew Rogalsky]
Two Places [re—issue 2014]
Twombly, Cy [for]
Typographic patterns [TWENTYTWENTY Bilderzyklus]
Typographic sound [Komposition, 2005]
Tzadik [Zadik, Sadiq, righteous one, Jewish/Rabbinic tradition]
Tzara, Tristan [1896-1963] [Brion Gysin, William S. Burroughs, cut-up technique]

Überlagerungen [Montage, Fotografie/Zeichnung]
Übung, tägliche [Joseph Beuys]
UFO [Berlin] [Foto]
UFO [unidentified flying object, flying saucer, extraterrestrial life]
UFO [MFO, misidentified flying object]
Uglybeautycage [Dialogue with John Cage]
Ugly/Beauty, finishing [miswordings] [2002-2013]
Ukiyo-e [Japan, woodblock prints, ukiyo 'floating world']
ultraviolet, our spirit is [Writings]
Ulysses [argonauts — 5-disc set, re—mastered & re—issued 2015/2017]
Ulysses [Molly Bloom; Penelope; Leopold Bloom; Italo Svevo]
Ulysses [Dublin, 16. Juni 1904]
Ulysses Gramophone [Derrida, Joyce]
Ulysses [John Cage]
Ulysses [Joyce]
Umbrella [Objet trouvé, Berlin] [Foto]
uncertain and unforeseeable [Zeichnung]
Unconventional ways of making art [png]
Underground [London] [Foto]
Under the Radar [the opposite of mainstream]
Under the Radar Culture [other options]
Underworld [masterpiece by Don DeLillo, 1997]
Underworld [first line: 'He speaks in your voice, American, and there's a shine in his eye that's halfway hopeful.']
Underworld [Prologue, The Triumph of Death; Bruegel, Der Triumph des Todes, 1562]
unheard music archive berlin [umab]
Universum [Hubble's diagram]
Unknown Centers [Komposition, 2005]
Untitled Details für Klavier [umab]
Urknall [Lambda-CDM-Modell]
Up [Gouache on paper] [Drawing]
Useful ignorance [Henry D. Thoreau]
Uselessness preserves in the sphere of art an open space for uncoerceable forms of pleasure, not just unalienated labor, but unalienated play. [Uselessness, Refusal, Art, and Money (encounters with David Graeber's Towards an Anthropological Theory of Value), by Sal Randolph]
Utopia [png]

Van Gogh le suicidé de la société [Antonin Artaud]
Vanitas [Vergänglichkeit alles Irdischen, Leere Formen, Spiegel, Masken, Seifenblasen, Glaskugeln]
Varèse, Edgard [Tuning Up, Déserts, Amériques, Ecuatorial, Intégrales, Octandre, Ionisation, Poème électronique]
Variationen/Variations [Veränderungen]
Vasari, Giorgio [1511-1574]
Velázquez, Diego [Las Meninas, Stencil, Zeichnungen, 2013]
Venasque [Provence, Vaucluse] [Foto]
Venasque [Provence, Vaucluse] [Foto]
Vermeer, Jan [View of Delft, The Girl With The Pearl Earring]
Vermischte Bemerkungen [Wittgenstein]
Vertov, Dziga [1896-1954]
Vertov, Dziga [Man with a Movie Camera, 1929] [Foto]
Verwaltete Welt [Zwangsvergesellschaftung, Adorno, Soziologische Schriften 1, 1990]
Vico, Giambattista [New Science, Scienza Nuova, 1725]
Video [Test]
Vienna [Wien]
Villa-Lobos, Heitor [for]
Violin Fragment [Beginnings Part I, re—issue 2015]
Violin Pieces IV, VII, IX [Grotesques, re—issue, 2014]
Violin Piece IV (3dr version) [Beginnings Part I, re—issue 2015]
Vita [Projekte und Ausstellungen]
Vita brevis, ars longa [das Leben ist kurz, lang ist die Kunst]
Vitti, Monica [Michelangelo Antonioni, L'Eclisse, 1962]
Vitruvius [for]
Vitruvius [Zehn Bücher über Architektur]
Vitruvius [Leonardo da Vinci, Vitruvian Man, Vitruvianischer Mensch]
Vivaldi, Antonio
Voltri [David Smith, 1962]
Vorstellung, Über die [Pico della Mirandola, Gianfrancesco]
voyage acoustique [sonorité sans mémoire I]

Wagner, Richard [Gesamtkunstwerk, Leitmotiv, Ego, Seidentücher, Foulards, Transparenz, the divine feminine, fluids, sexual longing, orgasm, Tod, Venedig]
Wahnsinn als Philosophie [Martin Heidegger]
Waiting for Godot [Samuel Beckett, Vladimir, Estragon, Pozzo, Lucky, A Boy]
Waldron, Mal [1925-2002]
Waldron, Mal [for]
Wallet [a lost wallet] [Foto]
Walk [one] [Shoes] [Gouache on music paper] [Drawing]
Walk [two] [Shoes] [Gouache on music paper] [Drawing]
Walk [Shoes] [Gouache on music paper] [Drawing]
Walking [Innsbrucker Platz, Berlin] [Foto]
Walking [Frédéric Gros, David Le Breton, Thomas Bernhard, Nietzsche, Rimbaud, Rousseau, Thoreau, Nerval, Kant, Gandhi]
Walking and Painting [Installation, 2015]
Walser, Robert [1878-1956] [Der Spaziergang, 1917; Der Räuber, 1925/1972]
Wall Street [Global Financial System]
Wall Street [High Frequency Trading]
Wall Street [When glaciers melt in the Arctic, the lights go out on Wall Street and financial markets shut down.]
Wang Shu [Architekt, China]
Warenfetisch [Warenfetischismus] [Karl Marx]
Warenfetisch [Consumerism, Consumer Society, Strategies of late capitalism]
Wasser [Musik] [Foto]
Waste [Foto]
Waste [Garbage, Müll]
Water [a] [ripple, wave] [Gouache on dictionary page] [Drawing]
Water [a] [ripple, wave] [Gouache on dictionary page] [Drawing]
Water [ripple, wave] [Gouache on paper] [Drawing]
Water [Between ashes, 2019] [Cave, Time, Cliff, Cosmos, Ship, Sound, Tree, Water]
Water [Innsbrucker Platz, Berlin] [Foto]
Water [Innsbrucker Platz, Berlin] [Foto]
Water circle [Enso] [Foto]
Water tower [France] [Foto] [For Robert Frank]
Watergate Hotel and Office Building [1972, Headquarters of the Democratic National Committee, Watergate Scandal, Richard Nixon]
Water Tank [TWENTYTWENTY, two Bilderzyklus]
Wave [a] [ripple, water] [Gouache on dictionary page] [Drawing]
Wave [a] [ripple, water] [Gouache on dictionary page] [Drawing]
Wave [ripple, wave] [Gouache on paper] [Drawing]
Waza [Sudan]
Webern, Anton [1883-1945] [John Cage]
we live in strange times [Writings]
weaving and unweaving [Self-Portrait, 2007] [Train Sonor, re—issue 2014]
Weinberg, Mieczyslaw [1919-1996]
Weiss [white]
Weiss, Sylvius Leopold [1687-1750]
Welles, Orson [Rosebud, Citizen Kane]
Welt, Die Gesamtheit der wahren Gedanken sind ein Bild der [Wittgenstein, Tractatus 3.01]
Welt, Ich bin meine [Wittgenstein, Tractatus 5.63]
Welt ist alles, was der Fall ist, Die [Wittgenstein, Tractatus 1]
Welt ist unabhängig von meinem Willen, Die [Wittgenstein, Tractatus 6.373] [The world is independent of my will.]
Welt wie ich sie vorfand, Die [Wittgenstein, Tractatus 5.631]
Welt und der ganze Kosmos liegen in den Buchstaben, Die [TWENTYTWENTY Bilderzyklus]
Wette, Pascalsche [Blaise Pascal, Pensées, Gedanken, 'Es ist schwer, die Existenz Gottes aus natürlichen Erkenntnisquellen zu beweisen; aber es ist sehr sicher, an ihn zu glauben']
Wettstein, Samuel [for]
whistles [Beginnings Part I, re—issue 2015]
whistles [Musik für Schlagzeug, Klavier, Elekrtonik und Tonband, re—issue 2014]
Whitelaw, Billie [Samuel Beckett, Happy Days, Not I, Footfalls, Rockaby]
white paintings [Robert Rauschenberg]
white paintings [four squares]
Whitney Museum of American Art [New York] [TWENTYTWENTY, four Bilderzyklus]
Wilhelm, Richard [1873-1930] [I Ging. Das Buch der Wandlungen, 1924] [John Cage]
Williams, William Carlos [1883-1963]
Williamsburg [Brooklyn]
Williamsburg is over [The New Bohemia]
Williamsburg Bridge [East River, New York City]
Wind, Edgar [Art and Anarchy]
Wittgenstein, Ludwig
Wittgenstein in conversation with Sun Ra [Zeichnungen und Collagen, 2013/2014/2015]
Wittgenstein, Untersuchungen zu [Foto]
Wittgenstein und Goethe
Wohnen I [Habitation] [Berlin] [Foto]
Wohnen II [Habitation] [Berlin] [Foto]
Wohnen — [Habitation, Architecture] [Photographs, 2015/2016]
Wolpe, Stefan [1902-1972] [Berlin; New York; Philadelphia] [Morton Feldman]
Wols [Wolfgang Schulze, Tachismus, Informel, Grattage-Technik]
Wollschläger, Hans [James Joyce, Gustav Mahler, Arno-Schmidt]
Words 4x52 · download [92 KB], 2x49 · download [52 KB] 2x32 · download [52 KB]
words are like tools in a tool-box [2014]
word mechanism sculpture [poem]
Working Artists and the Greater Economy [W.A.G.E.]
work outside explanation
worldwide-isation [mondialisation, globalisation]
Writing [Ghosts; good and evil] [Foto]


yes [Derrida; Joyce, Ulysses]
Yorckbrücken [Berlin] [Yorckstrasse, Schöneberg] [Foto] [Foto]
Yutang, Lin [...]

Za [Gouache on paper] [Drawing]
Zakhor [Zakhor: Jewish History and Jewish Memory, Yosef Hayim Yerushalmi]
Zappa, Frank [Absolutely Free, 1967; The Mothers of Invention]
Zapf, Hermann [for]
Zapf Dingbats [Glyphen]
Zapfino [Schriftart, Hermann Zapf]
Zeichen der Zeit, Die
Zeichen [Chinesische Schriftzeichen]
Zeichen [Lost in contemplation] [Foto]
Zeichen [Semiotik, Semiologie, Ferdinand de Saussure, Signifikat, Signifikant, Zeichensynthese]
Zeichen [Semiosis, Charles Sanders Peirce]
Zeichenprozess [Semiose, Charles Sanders Peirce]
Zeichenrelation [triadische]
Zeichnen [Drawing]
Zeichnen ist ein transzendentaler Vorgang, Das
Zeichnen ist nicht die Herstellung einer Zeichnung, Das
Zeichnungen [Drawings] — 32 x 28 cm (12.6 x 11 inches) — Bilderzyklus [2013]
Zeil 5 Concert (Live) [with George Koehler]
Zettel [slips]
Zettel [Ludwig Wittgenstein]
Zizek, Slavoj [Hegel]
Zorn, John [for]
Zorn, John [Cobra; The Alchemist; Spillane; Naked City; Masada Songbooks; Locus Solus; Painkiller]
Zorn, John [Sato Michihiro]
Zorn, Katarzyna | [ g ] galerie at home
Zuccotti Park [Liberty Plaza Park] [Lower Manhattan, New York City] [Occupy Wall Street Movement]
Zukofsky, Paul [Charles Ives]
Zürich [James Joyce, Kronenhalle]
Zweifel [doubt, disbelief]
Zweige [Branches/Äste] [Berlin] [Foto]
Zweige [Branches/Äste] [Berlin] [Photographs, 2016]
Zynismus/Sarkasmus [in der Kunst]

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