Two Places [2000-2005] · Part I and Part II | for Matthew Rogalsky

Part II · piano & FontanaNet sounds [extrait limité à 05:49] | link to mp3

1) Part I · piano & overlapping environment sounds, spare percussion · [48:26]
2) Part II · piano & FontanaNet sounds (arranged by composer) · [15:31]

Total time [63:59] · Available as CD in limited edition. For more information please send a message.

Ralph Lichtensteiger: piano, percussion, environment sound treatment

Environment sound recordings : August 2000, April 2002 & July 2004 via Sony DAT-Recorder (ZA5ES)
Digital piano recording : January 2005 (Roland RD-150)
Percussion recording : November 2004
Realization/Software : Pro Tools & Spark LE

Ivo Bol [Amsterdam] [radio interference 091] included part II of my composition in his great radiointerference program, thanks!

"High praise to Ralph Lichtensteiger for Two Places! It has been a completely unexpected experience, taking me places where I've never been before!" — sonoloco CD review by Ingvar Loco Nordin · download [408 KB]

A place is at the same time no-place.
Experience, imagine two places at the same time.
Listen while between two places.
Two places simultaneously, synchronous.
Musical topography of two places.
No-place, loss of a place, dispossession.
To be out of place or act in place of.
Area with definite or indefinite boundaries; a portion of space.
Area set aside for a particular purpose.
A particular situation or circumstance: Put yourself in my place.
Relative position in a series; standing. — Ralph Lichtensteiger

Two Places [2000-2005] · Part I and Part II (score) · For piano and electronics · download [192 KB]
Two Places Text · download [64 KB]

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