The Absolute is Passage [Composition for orchestra, tape, electronics and soprano voices/choir, 2010/2011/2012] This piece contains concrete timbres and computer-generated sounds. © 2011 Ralph Lichtensteiger · All Rights Reserved.

Part I · Strings a+b · for strings, double bass, turntable, electronics [Max/MSP, Spongefork], oscillator, ambient recordings, tape delay [extrait limité à 20:30] | link to mp3

Part II · [in preparation]

Part III · Radioswitch · Concerto for celesta, percussion, strings, e-bass and tape [Tonband] [2011] · [extrait limité à 06:59] | link to mp3

Notation [pattern, part III] · Pattern is based on the musicfont* text: 'cageegac, cageegac, cageegac, cageegac, etc.' · Listen to midi file [4 KB]

* musicfont/music text composition generator

Part IV · Choir part a+b [in preparation]

Part V · Exit · movement 1-4 [in preparation]

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