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World on brink of five 'disastrous' climate tipping points, study finds | theguardian [dot] com | Link

The west is ignoring Pakistan's super-floods. Heed this warning | theguardian [dot] com | Link

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Scientists call on colleagues to protest climate crisis with civil disobedience | By Damien Gayle | theguardian [dot] com | Link

'The Territory': From the Front Lines of the End of the World | theintercept [dot] com | Link

[In 'The Territory', documentarian Alex Pritz chronicles Indigenous Brazilians' fight to save their home in the Amazon rainforest.]

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Humanity can't equivocate any longer. This is a climate emergency | theguardian [dot] com | Link

The climate emergency has been declared over and over. The future the scientists warned us about is here, now.

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Do not work for 'climate wreckers', UN head tells graduates | theguardian [dot] com | Link

LIVE: HSBC AGM targeted by Extinction Rebellion UK | youtube [dot] com | Video

Dan Fischer | Let Nature Play | A Possible Pathway of Total Liberation and Earth Restoration | theanarchistlibrary [dot] org | Link

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Hunger-striking XR activist Emma Smart taken from police cell to hospital | theguardian [dot] com | Link

LIVE: Extinction Rebellion | Protestors disrupt Africa Energies Summit in Mayfair, London | youtube [dot] com | Video

Pollution was responsible for nine million deaths worldwide in 2019 | Pollution kills nine million people | theecologist [dot] org | Link

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George Monbiot | Why Do We Anger? | Extinction Rebellion UK | youtube [dot] com | Video

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Revealed: the 'carbon bombs' set to trigger catastrophic climate... | theguardian [dot] com | Link

US fracking boom could tip world to edge of climate disaster | theguardian [dot] com | Link

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India | Fire Shrouds Huge New Delhi Landfill In Smoke | youtube [dot] com | Video

India | New Delhi shrouded in smoke as massive landfill burns | youtube [dot] com | Video

India | Extreme heatwave in India and Pakistan causes power and water | theguardian [dot] com | Link

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'Ban ads for climate bads' | By Andrew Simms | theecologist [dot] org | Link

'Relentless' destruction of rainforest continuing despite Cop26 pledge | theguardian [dot] com | Link

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How Polluting Industries Mobilized to Block Climate Action | theintercept [dot] com | Link

JUST STOP OIL | Noam Chomsky | 'Evil doesn't begin to approach it' | April 23 2022 | youtube [dot] com | Video

JUST STOP OIL | Noam Chomsky | 'Failure is Not an Option' | 14 April 2022 | youtube [dot] com | Video

[Noam Chomsky, geboren 1928, ist emeritierter Professor für Linguistik und Philosophie am Massachusetts Institute of Technology.]

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JUST STOP OIL | juststopoil [dot] org | Link

It's worse than we are told: Why science communication is conservative | 8 Jan 2021 | Just Stop Oil | youtube [dot] com | Video

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Politicians are unable and unwilling to transform society. Everybody has to do it. You have to do it.

stop (2022) · download [72 KB]

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UoM Sustainability - Climate Change Talks - Professor Kevin Anderson | youtube [dot] com | Video

Kevin Anderson: Professor of Energy and Climate Change in the School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering at the University of Manchester) shares the academic evidence behind the global climate crisis and what this means for city-regions like Greater Manchester. The event took place on Friday 20th September 2019 to coincide with global events highlighting the climate emergency.

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A beginners' guide to planting trees – and fighting the climate crisis | Trees and forests | theguardian [dot] com | Link

Extinction Rebellion UK/London:

LIVE: Day 8 of the April Rebellion: We Will Not Be Bystanders! | youtube [dot] com | Video
LIVE: Day 7 of the April Rebellion: Big oil is the poison, action is the antidote | youtube [dot] com | Video
LIVE: Day 6 of the April Rebellion: Outreach on the Riverside | youtube [dot] com | Video
LIVE: Day 5 of the April Rebellion: Love in action | youtube [dot] com | Video
LIVE: Day 4 of the April Rebellion: Lloyd's of London | youtube [dot] com | Video
LIVE: Day 3 of the April Rebellion: Outreach in London | youtube [dot] com | Video
LIVE: Day 2 of the April Rebellion: We will not be bystanders | youtube [dot] com | Video
LIVE: Day 1 Extinction Rebellion is back! Our mission: Stop Fossil Filth! | youtube [dot] com | Video

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Noam Chomsky | 'Failure is Not an Option' | 14 April 2022 | Just Stop Oil | youtube [dot] com | Video

Thread | Peter Kalmus twitter [dot] com | Link

'The Last and Most Important Advice I Will Ever Give' Dr. Mayer Hillman | Extinction Rebellion UK | youtube [dot] com | Video

How Polluting Industries Mobilized to Block Climate Action | theintercept [dot] com | Link

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South Africa/KwaZulu-Natal | Google Maps | Link

South Africa braces for more heavy rain after floods kill hundreds | South Africa | theguardian [dot] com | Link

South Africa floods: deadliest storm on record kills over 250 people | South Africa | theguardian [dot] com | Link

XR targets Lloyd's in climate shut down | theecologist [dot] org | Link

NEW: Extinction Rebellion protesters have been replacing adverts on tubes with climate messages. | twitter [dot] com | Video

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Extinction Rebellion protesters force Lloyd's of London to close HQ | Lloyd's | theguardian [dot] com | Link

Just Stop Oil protesters vow to continue until 'all are jailed' | Environmental activism | theguardian [dot] com | Link

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Edward 'Teddy' Goldsmith (1928-2009)

Edward 'Teddy' Goldsmith, who died in August aged 80, was a hugely influential life member of the Green Party, an activist and major donor. He was the founder of the Ecologist magazine and the single most influential thinker in the early days of the party.

Edward Goldsmith - The Green Revolutionary (Part 1 of 2) | youtube [dot] com | Video
Edward Goldsmith - The Green Revolutionary (Part 2 of 2) | youtube [dot] com | Video

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Stop the fossil madness!

[00:01] | link to mp3 | © 2022 Ralph Lichtensteiger · All Rights Reserved.

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Fireproof Australia | youtube [dot] com | Link

Fireproof Australia: who are the radical Extinction Rebellion splinter group? | Climate crisis | theguardian [dot] com | Link

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9./10. April, 2022 | Extinction Rebellion UK/London:

'There's never a right time to change everything, but that's what we have to do... Right now, humanity is monumentally FUCKED!' | twitter [dot] com | Link

'We're looking at Billions of People not being able to Survive' | Peter Carter, Expert IPCC Reviewer | youtube [dot] com | Video

George Monbiot | 'The climatecrisis has been pushed to the bottom of the political agenda and the news agenda. We need to get this to the front of people's minds and the best way of doing that is through protest, through demonstration, so please join XRebellionUK' | twitter [dot] com | Link

[LIVE] Extinction Rebellion is back! Our mission: Stop Fossil Filth! | youtube [dot] com | Video

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Climate scientists are desperate: we're crying, begging and getting arrested | Peter Kalmus | theguardian [dot] com | Link

Will we need to change our lifestyles? Yes.

The IPCC has made it clear that everything will need to change: energy, buildings, transport, food and industry.

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Final warning: what does the IPCC's third report instalment say? | Climate crisis | theguardian [dot] com | Link

It's over for fossil fuels: IPCC spells out what's needed to avert climate disaster | Climate crisis | theguardian [dot] com | Link

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We have a new term for doing nothing: 'learning to live with it'.

'Learning to live with it'? From Covid to climate breakdown, it's the new way of failing | George Monbiot | theguardian [dot] com | Link

Heatwaves at both of Earth's poles alarm climate scientists | Climate crisis | theguardian [dot] com | Link

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Tyre Extinguishers | tyreextinguishers [dot] com | Link

Tyre Extinguishers | tyreextinguishers [dot] com | Leaflets [pdf] · download [356 KB]

Deflating the climate crisis | theecologist [dot] org | Link

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SUV/Car [Berlin] | vergrössern © 2022 Ralph Lichtensteiger · All Rights Reserved.

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Cars/Parking lot [Berlin] | vergrössern © 2022 Ralph Lichtensteiger · All Rights Reserved.

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Climate change fundamentally affecting European birds, study shows | Birds | theguardian [dot] com | Link

David Roberts obituary | Greenpeace | theguardian [dot] com | Link

Environmental activists disrupt Bafta red carpet in London | Climate crisis | theguardian [dot] com | Link

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Sixth Assessment Report — IPCC | ipcc [dot] ch | Link

The report says:

(1) Everywhere is affected, with no inhabited region escaping dire impacts from rising temperatures and increasingly extreme weather.

(2) About half the global population – between 3.3 billion and 3.6 billion people – live in areas 'highly vulnerable' to climate change.

(3) Millions of people face food and water shortages owing to climate change, even at current levels of heating.

(4) Mass die-offs of species, from trees to corals, are already under way.

(5) 1.5C above pre-industrial levels constitutes a 'critical level' beyond which the impacts of the climate crisis accelerate strongly and some become irreversible.

(6) Coastal areas around the globe, and small, low-lying islands, face inundation at temperature rises of more than 1.5C.

(7) Key ecosystems are losing their ability to absorb carbon dioxide, turning them from carbon sinks to carbon sources.

(8) Some countries have agreed to conserve 30% of the Earth's land, but conserving half may be necessary to restore the ability of natural ecosystems to cope with the damage wreaked on them.

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IPCC issues ‘bleakest warning yet’ on impacts of climate breakdown | theguardian [dot] com | Link

Impact of climate crisis much worse than predicted, says Alok Sharma | theguardian [dot] com | Link

We can't grow on like this | theecologist [dot] org | Link

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Wildfires send giant cloud of ash across southern Paraguay | theguardian [dot] com | Link

This climate crisis report asks: what is at stake? In short, everything | theguardian [dot] com | Link

Gang-gang cockatoo to become threatened species after large drop in bird numbers | Birds | theguardian [dot] com | Link

Car adverts 'driving climate breakdown' | theecologist [dot] org | Link

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SR Talk Series | Faster than forecast: Communicating climate disruption — David Spratt | youtube [dot] com | Video

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Bitcoin miners revived a dying coal plant – then CO2 emissions soared | Cryptocurrencies | theguardian [dot] com | Link

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Living on Earth: Jane Fonda and Climate Civil Disobedience | loe [dot] org | Listen

Living on Earth: 'Don’t Look Up' and the Absurdity of Climate Inaction | loe [dot] org | Listen

Here’s how to demolish the most common excuses for climate crisis apathy | Elizabeth Cripps | theguardian [dot] com | Link

Interview with Henry Shue on the ‘Politics of the Climate Emergency’ : Centre for Global Development | Link

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Sustainable Public Transport Transformation [London]

London [google maps] [12,8 Millionen Einwohner, 2020]

BYD Double Deck Battery Electric Bus In London | youtube [dot] com | Video

BYD ADL delivered in London the 500th electric bus from the Enviro EV range | sustainable-bus [dot] com | Link

BYD ebus | wikipedia [dot] org | Link

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Sustainable Public Transport Transformation [Sydney and Bogotá]

Sydney [google maps] [5,3 Millionen Einwohner, 2019]

Electric Buses in Sydney | youtube [dot] com | Video

Bogotá [google maps] Bogotá [7,7 Millionen Einwohner, 2020]

Bogota's public transportation system buys electric buses from China | youtube [dot] com | Video

91 new e-buses started operations in Bogota in March - Sustainable Bus | sustainable-bus [dot] com | Link

Another batch of 406 e-buses for Bogota (Colombia). Again with BYD's logo | sustainable-bus [dot] com | Link

Decarbonising Colombia’s transport sector | Climate Action Tracker | Link

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Michael Mann: Urgency and Agency in the Battle to Avert a Climate Crisis | youtube [dot] com | Video | Dr. Michael E. Mann is Distinguished Professor of Atmospheric Science at Penn State, with joint appointments in the Department of Geosciences and the Earth and Environmental Systems Institute (EESI). He is also director of the Penn State Earth System Science Center (ESSC).

Climate Change Is Stretching Mumbai to Its Limit | By Vaishnavi Chandrashekhar | Photographs by Arko Datto | theatlantic [dot] com | Facing sea-level rise, flooding, and landslides, the city’s residents are finding resilience—because they have little other choice. | Link

Mumbai [google maps] [12 Millionen Einwohner]

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How the speed of climate change is unbalancing the insect world – podcast | theguardian [dot] com | Link

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XR 2.0: We appreciate power | theecologist [dot] org | Link

Environmental Politics and Law | Open Yale Courses | oyc [dot] yale [dot] edu | Link

[Professor John Wargo, Tweedy/Ordway Professor of Environmental Health and Politics]

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‘Like witnessing a birth in a morgue’: the volunteers working to save the Joshua trees | Trees and forests | theguardian [dot] com | Link

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cop26 [dot] tv | Link

COP26.tv - COP In, COP Out with Nicolás Eliades | COP26.tv | Facebook | Link

Activists Push for World Leaders to Join Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty | truthout [dot] org | Link

Only immediate action will halt global heating | theguardian [dot] com | Link

Cop26 opening ceremony begins after delays and queueing chaos – live | theguardian [dot] com | Link

Bill McKibben: Author - Educator - Environmentalist | billmckibben [dot] com | Link

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Just Out of Jail, Winona LaDuke Decries Militarized Crackdown on Enbridge Line 3 Pipeline Protests | democracynow [dot] org | Link

Winona LaDuke | winonaladuke [dot] com | Link

Don't Expect Real Climate Solutions From COP26. It Functions for Corporations. | truthout [dot] org | Link

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Fairy Creek: Indigenous-Led Blockade of Old-Growth Logging Is Now Canada’s Largest Civil Disobedience | democracynow [dot] org | Link

Fairy Creek: The Last Stand (Documentary Film) | youtube [dot] com | Link

Near the Fairy Creek blockade, Jeremy Herndl paints and advocates for 1000-year-old trees | youtube [dot] com | Link

In Bolsonaro’s Brazil, a Showdown Over Amazon Rainforest | theintercept [dot] com | Link

'We see through their lies': Greta Thunberg takes aim at political leaders | youtube [dot] com | Link

Global climate strike: thousands join coordinated action across world | Environmental activism | theguardian [dot] com | Link

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'People Are Desperate': Biden Vows Mass Deportations as Thousands of Haitian Refugees Shelter in Del Rio | democracynow [dot] org | Link

Climate-Change Evacuations Are Admissions of Failure | By John Biguenet | theatlantic [dot] com | Link

[When mass evacuation becomes the primary response to hurricanes and wildfires, leaders are admitting that they cannot protect their citizens from threats of climate change.]

Marseille, France | International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) | IUCN World Conservation Congress 2021 | Link

Harrison Ford at IUCN Congress | youtube [dot] com | Video

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9/11’s Unsettled Dust: Bush’s EPA Hid Health Risks from Toxic Dust at Ground Zero & Thousands Died | Democracy Now! | Link

Call for emergency action to limit global temperature increases, restore biodiversity, and protect health | thelancet [dot] com | Link

A Plea for Help from New Orleans: Curfew & Cops Are Not Aid for the Poor After Ida, Says Malik Rahim | democracynow [dot] org | Link

'Stop This Madness': Rev. Lennox Yearwood Calls to Divest from Fossil Fuels Amid Climate Disasters | democracynow [dot] org | Link

Hurricane Ida Makes a Mockery of Big Oil’s Philanthropy | theintercept [dot] com | Link

A pipeline is threatening their homeland. Indigenous women are fighting back. | grist [dot] org | Link

Minnesota: Stop Line 3 [Line 3 Pipeline Replacement Project] | stopline3 [dot] org | Link

Tara Houska | Speaker | ted [dot] com | Link

Deconstructed: Line 3 and a Week of Climate Catastrophe | theintercept [dot] com | Link

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Brazil: Articulation of Indigenous Peoples of Brazil | apiboficial [dot] org | Link

Brazil: Indigenous Fight Against Destruction of the Amazon | theintercept [dot] com | Link

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London | LIVE: Extinction Rebellion UK - Day 2 of Impossible Rebellion | facebook [dot] com | Link

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XR London live stream [screen shot] | Cambridge Circus | vergrössern

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XR London live stream [screen shot] | Cambridge Circus | vergrössern

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Elizabeth Kolbert | Rolling Stone Interview Special Edition | youtube [dot] com | Link

Elizabeth Kolbert | Under a White Sky: The Nature of the Future [256 pages] (2021) | One way to look at human civilization, says Kolbert, is as a ten-thousand-year exercise in defying nature. In The Sixth Extinction, she explored the ways in which our capacity for destruction has reshaped the natural world. Now she examines how the very sorts of interventions that have imperiled our planet are increasingly seen as the only hope for its salvation.

Sixth Assessment Report — IPCC | Link

LIVE - XR Blockade am BMEL zum Thema Artensterben - 6. Massenausterben! | Vor dem Bundeslandwirtschaftsministerium | facebook [dot] com | Link

Elizabeth Kolbert 'The Sixth Extinction' | youtube [dot] com | Link

The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History | wikipedia [dot] org | Link

LIVE - XR Blockade Haus des Wirtschaftsrates der CDU | August RiseUp | Extinction Rebellion Deutschland - Videos | facebook [dot] com | Link | augustriseup [dot] de | Link

LIVE - Räumung der XR GlueOns bei der CDU-Parteizentrale | Extinction Rebellion Deutschland - Videos | facebook [dot] com | Link

Extinction Rebellion Deutschland - Videos | facebook [dot] com | Link

Rebellion of One | Helmut | youtube [dot] com | Video
Rebellion of One | Alexander | youtube [dot] com | Video
Rebellion of One | XR | extinctionrebellion [dot] de | Link

Extinction Rebellion | Global | Link

XR und Fridays for Future Klimastreikdemo/Protest [Berlin] [20. September bis 11. Oktober 2019] [Fotos]

Record-Breaking Heat Waves Have Arrived Decades Earlier Than Predicted | truthout [dot] org | Link

World Scientists’ Warning of a Climate Emergency 2021 | BioScience | Oxford Academic | Link

Sustainability | Free Full-Text | An Analysis of the Potential for the Formation of ‘Nodes of Persisting Complexity’ | mdpi [dot] com | Link

Extremwetter | Kurzvortrag von Prof. Stefan Rahmstorf | Earth System Analysis - Potsdam Institute | youtube [dot] com | Video

Beyond the Anthropocene | Johan Rockström | youtube [dot] com | Video

Floods, Fires and Heat Waves: Michael Mann on 'The New Climate War' and the Fight to Take Back the Planet | democracynow [dot] org | Link

How America’s Hottest City is Innovating to Survive | Weathered | youtube [dot] com | Video

How LA's thirst for water is draining a California valley | Running Dry | youtube [dot] com | Video

Northwest Heat Wave Is a Symptom of Terrifying Runaway Climate Feedback Loops | truthout [dot] org | Link

Polly Higgins (1968-2019) | From Ecocide to Ecolibrium: The Great Turning | Polly Higgins | TEDxUppsalaUniversity | Video

Stop Ecocide: The legacy of Polly Higgins | youtube [dot] com | Video

stopecocide [dot] earth | Link

Legal experts worldwide draw up ‘historic’ definition of ecocide | Climate change | theguardian [dot] com | Link

Ecocide must be listed alongside genocide as an international crime | Alexandre Antonelli and Pella Thiel | theguardian [dot] com | Link

Ocean Rebellion 2019-2020 | youtube [dot] com | Link

Pine Island Glacier ice shelf timelapse | youtube [dot] com | Link

Ocean Rebellion | oceanrebellion [dot] earth | Link

How we could change the planet's climate future | David Wallace-Wells | youtube [dot] com | Video

IUCN Red List of Threatened Species | iucnredlist [dot] org | Link

State of nature in the EU — European Environment Agency | Link

10 years to transform the future of humanity - or destabilize the planet | Johan Rockström | youtube [dot] com | Video

A Climate Dystopia in Northern California | theintercept [dot] com | Link

‘We are witnessing a crime against humanity’: Arundhati Roy on India’s Covid catastrophe | theguardian [dot] com | Link

Indian journalist and Guardian news assistant Kakoli Bhattacharya dies from Covid-19 | India | theguardian [dot] com | Link

Supporting India during the current COVID crisis | Sanjay Gupta | blog [dot] google | Link

In Catastrophic Times: Resisting the Coming Barbarism | By Isabelle Stengers | openhumanitiespress [dot] org | Link

We Could End Homelessness Right Now, If Only Capitalism Didn't Get in the Way | By Matthew Byrne | truthout [dot] org | Link

Environmental Justice Foundation | ejfoundation [dot] org | Link

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