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Partch, Harry [1901-1974]

I am not an instrument-maker, but a philosophical music-man seduced into carpentry. — Harry Partch

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The Music of Harry Partch | clocktower [dot] org | Info | Listen [58:56] | [Sonorama 2004-2006, produced by the composer Elliott Sharp. Art Radio WPS1.org was the Internet radio station of P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center and the Museum of Modern Art.]

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soundamerican [dot] org | Archive | SA6: The Maker Issue | Introducing the Great Harry Partch | Read/Listen

Harry Partch | Documentary | The Outsider | Video [00:59:16]
Harry Partch | The Bewitched: Prologue | Listen [00:18:24]
Harry Partch | Delusion of the Fury [Original Film, 1969] | Video [01:12:00]

'Delusion of the Fury' | Inspired by Japanese and African myths, 'Delusion of the Fury' is a unique musical theatre work. The drama takes place without reference to a specific time or place and brings to mind cultures which seem simultaneously strange and familiar.

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The Instruments of Harry Partch | Side A · Listen | Side B · Listen

The Diamond Marimba; Partch first built it in 1946 [Foto]

Cloud Chamber Bowls; first built in 1950 [Foto]

Far Off Sounds | Microtonal Man | John Schneider on Harry Partch | Video [13:42]

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The creative person shows himself naked. And the more vigorous his creative act, the more naked he appears, sometimes totally vulnerable, yet always invulnerable in the sense of his own integrity. I am now 69 as this is being said, and I've been Doing My Own Thing for five and a half decades. This "Thing" began with Truth, and Truth does exist. For some hundreds of years, The Truth of just intonation (which is defined in any good music dictionary) has been hidden, one could almost say maliciously, because truth always threatens the ruling hierarchy, or, they think so. — Harry Partch

Harry Partch [The creative person shows himself naked.] · download [56 KB]

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Corporeal Meadows · The Legacy of Harry Partch · corporealmeadows.com
Harry Partch Foundation · corporeal.com
Harry Partch Collection · University of Illinois

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