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umab is not virtual, umab is analog, object, thing, touch-able, physical, real... umab is a 100% non-profit project. The goal is to build a resource of unheard, non-commecial, experimental, free-improvised music.

The umab will be integrated into a sculptural, territorial, spatial and analog project. umab is a work in progress, public accessibility: end of 2015. umab works outside all conventional and established concepts and ideas. umab - a library for your ears.

Become part of the umab ollection. Send your recordings to contact. Each composer, musician will be listed, documented with name and short statement.

List of recordings, CDs, DVDs, MDs, Cassettes:

Braden, David
- Found & Lost, Sound Poems by David Braden, CD (2015)
- Music Room Submission (7 Tracks), MiniDisc (2002-2005)

Cage, John
- Europeras 1 & 2 Live-Mitschnitt, Frankfurt a/M, Cassette (1987)
- "Treffen mit John Cage" at S. Unseld House (with George Koehler), Cassette (1988)

Chrysakis, Thanos
- Palimpsesto, CD (2008)
- errant waves, CD (2005)

Draminsky Højmark, Jakob and Cunningham, Mark
- aleatory grammar, CD (2003)
- aleatory grammar, abcedminded, CD (2004)

Dean, Doyle
- The Utility Project, Gasoline, CD
- The Utility Project, 1'32'', CD
- The Utility Project, 1/33, CD
- The Utility Project, 2010, CD
- 4 Pieces, CD
- Meaty Ochre, The Man in the Sirloin Suit (1988-1999), CD (2005)

Drew, James Mulcro
- James M. Drew, American Modernist, New York/New Haven 1969-72 (2004, James Drew's privat edition CD-R), Yale Collegium ensemble, Alpha Trio, Manhattan Percussion Ensemble, Track 1: New Haven Green for Two Pianos, Brass and Percussion (1969) 11:20, Track 2: Almost Stationary for Piano, Violin and Violoncello 09:15, Track 3: Metal Concert for Four Percussionists 10:39 (2004, James Drew's privat edition CD-R)
- James M. Drew, American Modernist, Celestial Cabaret, Track 1: Celestial Cabaret (Piano Concerto) 21:28, Track 2: Jacopo's Sub-Harmonic Hymns, Concerto for Contrabass and Chamber Ensemble 10:39, Celestial Cabaret recorded at Stetson University (1991), Engeneers: Wilson Hinkle, M.G. George, Mastering: Hinkle Studios, Orlando, FI., Publisher: Artistry Press International (ASCAP), Jacopo's Sub-Harmonic Hymns recorded at Warren Studios, Univerity of California, San Diego (1999), Engeneer: Josef Kucerra, Publisher: Artistry Press International (ASCAP), (2004, James Drew's privat edition CD-R)
- James M. Drew, The Symphonies, Track 1: Symphony No. 2, Yale Collegium Orchestra and Chorus, Keith Wilson, Conductor, Track 2: Symphony for Three Orchestras and Chorus, Yale Collegium Orchestra, Gustav Meier, Keith Wilson, John Mauceri, Conductors, Track 3: Symphony No. 3, Rhode Island Symphony, Andrew Massey, Conductor, (2006, James Drew's privat edition CD-R)
- James M. Drew, The Music of James Drew, 1 Track: Sacred Stones Resonating Under Fog (dedicated to Ralph Li) 08:16, Ensemble Drew (200?, James Drew's privat edition CD-R)
- James M. Drew, Music for Water Puppet Ceremony, 1 Track: 12:51, Ensemble: ?, (200?, James Drew's privat edition CD-R)
- James M. Drew, Cloud Architecture, Track 1: 07:29, Track 2: 12:40, Ensemble: ?, (200?, James Drew's privat edition CD-R)
- James M. Drew, Interview, Recording from webstream (show #514), Cantolobosolo, Bertram Turetzky, contrabass. From "Tenors, Echoes and Wolves" 9Winds CD NWCD0200, (2005, privat edition CD-R)
- Ex Profundis...The Orangethorpe Aria, for Soprano, Clarinet, and Piano Trio (1977) 23:36, The Mirecourt Trio, Kenneth Goldsmith, violin: Terry King, violoncello, John Jensen, piano, Catalog No. CNB 103
- James Mulcro Drew: Animating Degree Zero, The Barton Workshop, Cat. No. 80687, New World Records, 2009
- Second String Quartet (Subtitled: Music for Water Puppet Ceremony) SCORE, 20 pages, Signed by JMD

Dudda, Friedrich
- Solitude Playing I and Perpetual Improvisation Ensemble DVD, 12 audio tracks, CD (2006)

Essl, Karlheinz
- ©RUDE, CD (2001)
- Seelenwaschen, CD (2004)

Federman, Raymond
- VOYS, A Journal Exploring Sign in Sound, Number one (Featuring R.F. reading his novel The Voice In The Closet), CD (1997)

Glazier, Paul
- Long Breath, CD (2015)
- Flutter, CD (2008)
- Nana Canons, CD (2007)
- 3 short pieces, CD (2006)
- kokend, CD (2004)
- Web stream recordings CD1 42:24, CD2 75:10, CD3 65:56

Glass, Jesse
- Tracks recorded June-July 2007, CD
- Reading at Shin-Urayasu, Japan 12/3/2006, CD
- Sung/Spoken Texts by Jesse Glass, CD

Gruppo Sinestetico (M. Albertin, M. Perseghin, A. Sassu, G. Scordo)
- Sororita, Music for Video, "La mia anima", CD (2005)

Kapsamun (Samuel Wettstein, Arsim Leka, Marcel Zimmermann, Florian Abt, Michael Stulz)
- Prishtina, CD (2002)
- Mania Ballkanike, CD (2005)

Köhler, George E.
- Die Schatten von Joyce und Beckett, Cassette (not dated)
- Untitled Details I, "From The Sewers of Speech...", Cassette (not dated)
- A View Into An Unquiet Soul, Acoustic Letter, Cassette (1989)

Lai, Tamara
- Fear in Brussels, Angoisses Urbaines, CD-ROM (Mac OS 9) (2002)

Lichtensteiger, Ralph
- Train Sonor | etudes/across the grain, CD (2008)
- sonorité sans mémoire IV (2007)
- The Beauty Of Found Music (with George Koehler), CD (2007)
- mirrors/flipside I & II | 68'36'' for A.S. | 75'34'' for A.C., 2-CDs (2006)
- Two Places (for Matthew Rogalsky), CD (2005)
- sonorité sans mémoire I voyage acoustique (one), CD (2005)
- sonorité sans mémoire II voyage acoustique (two), CD (2005)
- sonorité sans mémoire III voyage acoustique (three), CD (2005)
- Le langage de l'espace (part I), CD (2004)
- Beginnings (part I) (with George Koehler), CD (2004)
- Music in three Parts (for Toru Takemitsu), CD (2002)
- Camera Master, Cassette (with George Koehler) (not dated)
- Aus den Sachen Selbst, Cassette (1999)
- Sprachexperimente (Das Einkaufszentrum), Cassette (1999)
- Kasten und Tonband, Berlin, Cassette (not dated)
- How to Improve the World oder Was verloren ist, ist verloren (Wir verbinden Cage mit Beckett) with George Koehler, Cassette (1988)
- Splatter, Cassette (not dated)
- CUT, Ute Lemper, George Koehler, Thomas Bernhard, John Cage, Berlin recordings, Cassette (not dated)
- Variations I, II, III, IIIa, Berlin, Cassette (not dated)
- Gespräch mit George Köhler, Frankfurt a/M, Cassette (not dated)
- with Reinhard, Frankfurt a/M, Cassette (1997)
- Katalog zur Ausstellung: Destruction is followed by construction and construction is followed by destruction, Cassette (1988)
- Furz-Splatter, Zürich, Cassette (not dated)
- Lieder der Nacht, nach Texten von Edgar Allan Poe, Samuel Beckett, James Graham Ballard, George Köhler und Thomas Pynchon (with George Koehler), Cassette, Winterthur (1991)
- Theatre 46 part I, Standardized Reflexology Analysis (with George Koehler), Cassette, Winterthur (1990)
- High-Tech Splatter Edition, Waste II, Cassette, Winterthur (1989)

McDonough, John
- Landscape Under Construction, (1) Brecht Forum, NYC 09.23.2006, (2) ABC No-Rio, NYC 11.18.2001, CD

Marx, Jeff
- Great Unknown, CD (2000)
- Treading Air Breathing Fire, CD (2002)
- Dreamstuff (with Jeff Siegel), CD (2007)
- INYO, CD (2009)

Oursler, Tony
- Sound Digressions in Seven Colors, CD (2006)

Reitz, Lothar
- 6 Pieces, CD

Schuessler, Philip
- CD-R aiff files (Fairfax (2000), Void Chapel (2004), CD

Schellinx, Harold (HarS)
- Tafelmuziek / Muziektafel, CD (2004)

Sondheim, Alan
- ski/nn, CD (2006)
- Prespace, CD (2005)
- Audio (sound, mp3 etc.), 3 CDs (not dated)
- DVD 1 and 2 (2007)
- warequiem (2) millenniumalps, DVD (2007)
- millennium2 SL, DVD (2007)
- pas1, 2, DVD (2007)
- Unbalanced, Alan Sondheim and Matt Frantz, CD (2005)

Stasick, Rod
- Forth Degree Sawagashii (for Jackson Mac Low), CD

Wettstein, Samuel
- Mo'Wings, CD
- Katarakt (Music by Volker Heym, Louis Andrissen, Philippe Kocher, Manfred Stahnke, Mathias Gloor), CD
- Pieces, CD

musique trouvé project [2001-2011] · tape, electronics, soundclopedia, musique concrète · CD edition in preparation

musique trouvé i
musique trouvé ii
musique trouvé iii
musique trouvé iii-vi
musique trouvé iv+vii
musique trouvé v
musique trouvé vi
musique trouvé viii-xi
musique trouvé viii+ix
musique trouvé x
musique trouvé xi
musique trouvé xii
musique trouvé xii-xiv
musique trouvé xiii
musique trouvé xvi [spark]
musique trouvé xviii [spark]
musique trouvé xx
musique trouvé xxi
musique trouvé xxii
musique trouvé xxvii
musique trouvé xxxi
musique trouvé xxxii
musique trouvé xxxii [spark]
musique trouvé xxxiii
musique trouvé xxxiv [spark]
musique trouvé xxxiv [extrait limité à 05:55] · open the project page
musique trouvé xxxvi [extrait limité à 08:07] · open the project page
musique trouvé xxxvii
musique trouvé xxxviii
musique trouvé xxxviiia
musique trouvé xxviii-xxvv [spark]
musique trouvé xiiia, xix, xv, xvi
musique trouvé xvii [bounce files]
musique trouvé xviii, xxix, xxv, xxvii, xxviii
musique trouvé xviii*+xxviia, xxx
musique trouvé xxiia, xxiii

list of compositions [incomplete, I'm working on it] My music on





Sudden Shower · this set of pieces is part of my collection "Music for the Un-Gated Community"
Argonauts · this set of pieces is part of my collection "Music for the Un-Gated Community"
gold/vomit · The metronome can teach you how to ignore the predictable — RL
Lighthouse · Lighthouse 1-3 includes material from 'mirrors/flipside', '36 Soundscapes' and 'Argonauts'. A 'Lighthouse Placard Mix' was aired as live stream at the 'Havenland Lighthouse Placard'
Sirens · [part of the Train Sonor project] [may 2007] "compendium of shreds"
· for AC, for AS [SkM025]
TrainSonor · possible simultaneity with Argonauts part XVII [composition "essay one", 2006-07] and/or Six Instruments [1985-86]
TrainSonor · Piano (January 22, 2008)
Music for Merce Cunningham I · for double bass (bowed and plucked) and live-tape with pre-recorded seep, dropping water sounds, marker (felt tip pen) sounds, and camera release sounds
sound assemblage · overlapping compositions by David Braden, Doyle Dean, Ralph Lichtensteiger, Lothar Reitz and Philip Schuessler
A Taste for the Secret · collaboration with George Henry Koehler
UglybeautycageArchiveOne · collaboration with George Henry Koehler
Sonorite Sans Memoire I · set of compositions 'spatial sensation' (in terms of landscape, paysage musicaux) [Cash On The Nail Music]

FOR James Mulcro Drew · Composer [1929-2010]
The Music of James M. Drew · The Music of James M. Drew · Montage by Ralph Lichtensteiger [37:44]

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